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[VIDEO] Term Insurance. Plain and Simple.

Paper family of four under a Life Insurance paper cutout umbrella

By Byron Udell | September 21, 2018

Term life insurance is a great way to cover your family! And, the younger and healthier you are the less you’ll pay – in some cases, less than a dollar per day! Another great benefit to term insurance coverage is that you can buy a 10, 20 or 30-year policy. These options give you the ability…

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The Basics of Long Term Care Insurance

senior woman with sombrero

By Byron Udell | September 15, 2018

Do you know how long would your savings last if you or your spouse needed long-term care? For the vast majority of people, the need for long-term care is not a question of “if” but “when.” You’ve probably gone to great lengths to save enough money to enjoy your retirement, so protect your hard work.  The…

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[VIDEO] Kids and Life Insurance. They Really Get It.

young boys making silly faces

By Selene Garcia | September 14, 2018

Honesty lives here! If you’re still looking for reasons to get that life insurance protection, then it’s time to meet the kids who understand why life insurance matters. Because the old, tired excuses for not having life insurance are lame and over-played…too expensive, don’t understand it or you know you need it, but don’t want to…

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[VIDEO] Accidental Death Coverage. You Need It.

graveyard with stone path

By Byron Udell | September 10, 2018

People die every day. We know this, but did you know that accidents are the leading cause of death in the U.S. for those 45 and under – crazy right!? So before you step into a busy street make sure your loved ones are protected. Now, sit back for a couple minutes and learn something…

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[VIDEO] Life Insurance Living Benefits Can Make Tomorrow…Easier

Today's Preparation...Tomorrow's Success

By Byron Udell | September 5, 2018

If you know anything about life insurance you know it covers those left with a beating heart – not you. But, that’s not the whole story. The truth is, many life insurance policies can give you access to a portion of the death benefit while that ticker is still beating. Let’s be real, life isn’t…

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[VIDEO] Life Insurance Living Benefit Riders 101

senior couple hugging

By Byron Udell | August 10, 2018

Your life insurance benefit doesn’t always have to wait until you pass. There are living benefit riders that allow you to borrow against your death benefit while you’re still alive – pretty cool huh? Now, some of these riders may be a part of your current policy, but if you’re not sure it might be time…

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[VIDEO] How Much Life Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

scrabble life insurance tiles

By Byron Udell | August 7, 2018

Wondering how much life insurance coverage you need? You’re not alone, it’s a very common question, and a good one to ask! The good news is, insurance providers will not ever sell you more life insurance than you can have or need. Life insurance coverage is not meant to make your family wealthy – it’s meant…

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[VIDEO] Why Life Insurance? Byron Shares His Passion

byron udell passion quote

By Byron Udell | August 6, 2018

With his JD in hand, Byron made a decision to follow his dream of helping others. Well, his dream paid off! Today, Byron owns a life insurance business driven by his passion to help others at a time when they need it most. So, take a couple minutes and watch Byron tell you the story of…

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[VIDEO] Maximize Your Life Insurance with Riders

life insurance word cloud

By Byron Udell | August 2, 2018

Optional extras of anything is typically a good thing. But, these extras may result in the rock star protection you seek. At the very least your loved ones will thank you. So, chill out with Byron for a few and learn more about some life insurance riders like Waiver of Premium, Child Riders and Return of…

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Why Are the Wealthy Buying so Much Life Insurance?

By Byron Udell | June 24, 2018

What could you possibly not know that they do!? Theoretically the wealthy don’t need it, right? Turns out, they’re the biggest buyers of life insurance. The wealthy have clearly nailed math. Get in with the money-makers and learn how to math with Byron – the right way. Here’s a question I get asked all the time: Why do so many…

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