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Customer Reviews

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AccuQuote is frequently called upon by the media to provide insights and analysis of the insurance industry.  But the feedback that constantly pours in from our customers is what really excites us.  Our customers know first-hand that AccuQuote’s service is best in class.

“Sue Cherry and Darlene Sy treated me as if I was family. I cannot tell you how quickly they answered my e-mails and phone calls in the most kind and courteous manner, not like robots. These ladies are a credit to your company.” – Rosemarie Scamacca 8/13/18

“Steve was extremely knowledgeable, professional and helpful. I would recommend him to everyone.” – Shahan Alexanian 8/8/18 


“Sue Cherry was amazing! She knows insurance so well and was very patient with all our questions. Great service and we are very happy. “ – Ann Romano 6/29/18

“Very friendly and followed through. Felt trustworthy so it made us want to continue the process. Thanks!” – Pat Devine 5/30/18 


“I gave 5 stars. Excellent follow up process and efficiency in every reply and questions. I got the best insurance quote of lowest premium from this company, having called and checked with 5 other insurance companies for the same term policy. I am most happy and would recommend AccuQuote. “ – Shanti Hee 5/1/18

“Mr. Leto was very helpful, kind and made our phone call a very enjoyable experience. He is very knowledgeable and explained everything I need to know. He is very professional but still made my experience to be warm and caring! I look forward to working with Mr. Leto for many years.” – Rich Trujillo 3/27/18 


“Katelyn Mills , was very helpful in the process of changing my payment method. Definitely deserves a 5 star rating. “ – Steven Smith 2/13/18

“Brenda and Mark were wonderful to work with and answered all our questions like the professionals they are.” – Dennis Denoyer 2/9/18 


“Carmalita was professional when approaching me about our needs, did not pressure us, made the effort of generating multiple quotes for various scenarios as a help to determine what we thought would be best for us.” – Karen Woodrum 2/6/18

“Customer service was excellent. The representative ,who attended my case, was very attentive and answers all my questions. He returned all my calls in a timely manner and was very polite to me as a client.” – Francisca Berger 2/2/18 


“Jason & Kira, were a GREAT team. They never left us hanging on any call or question that needed to be answered. Jason really took his time and made sure that our needs and wants were all met. And that the company we were choosing would be there as we needed, and very true to it’s values. These two among others assisting them Peggy, Lucy, and others. Were all wonderful to us. And Kira kept us informed either by phone, or email every few days regarding all up dates. Knowing we were coming to a closing date on a policy we had had for years, and could never get updating help to carry it on. No one seamed to care whether we continued or not, and didn’t care to help except send a printout on a paper on what to do next, because our rep. at the company had died of brain cancer. So I hope whoever reads this, you VALUE these two people that spent over 6 weeks or more with us starting last October. Till the finish line with us!!! Because if we need any other policy’s or our friends do. I will be handing Jason’s card to them, and telling them, these people care about people’s needs!! So thank you very much for having people still in this world, working for you that care about us people outside trying to handel such a stressful thing as planning for the needs of a family at the end. PLEASE treasure them!!!!!” – Barb Goodrich 1/24/18

“My experience with Sue Cherry & Kelsey Gold was excellent from start to finish, much like my previous experience ten years ago. “ – Allen Potter 1/8/18 


“Very professional. Polite. Knowledgeable Gave me all the information I needed with no pressure.” – Judy Peytan 1/5/18

“Brenda did a great job with keeping me updated on status of my application. “ – Rhonda Leuenberger 12/26/17 


“Steve Peck and Peggy were awesome and kept me abreast throughout the process of obtaining my policy. I would recommend AccuQuote to anyone seeking to obtain a life insurance policy with complete guidance from application to issue. Awesome!” – David Brauner 12/12/17

“I recently applied for life insurance coverage. The process was complicated by issues with obtaining my medical records from my PCP to be reviewed by Protective Life. Ms. Darlene Sy was very helpful in handling this for me. I have now been approved and my life insurance policy is in force. Thank you AccuQuote…and, in particular, Ms. Sy for such good service.” – Janet Doiron 12/12/17 


“I have a such great experience with your representative because his knowledge and professionalism in the insurance field made me feel very confident that I am dealing with a respected and prestigious company.” – Marvin Hernandez 12/07/17

“Sue Cherry is the best! She very professional and she guided me through all of the steps from the beginning to the end of the process of my first life Insurance policy. She is a great asset to your company. Any company would be happy to have an employee just like her. Thank you to her and to AccuQuote for covering me with a great policy. “ – Dave Mora 12/04/17 


“The people associated with AccuQuote are the strength of the organization. Jason Howes and Peggy Zea-Olutayese are outstanding. The underwriter took way too long but AccuQuote staff stayed engaged and kept me well informed.” – Paul Faulkner 12/04/17

“The process of buying a new ten year policy was as easy as it could possibly get. Every accommodation was made to keep my rates low, for a convenient medical exam at my home and all without feeling pressured. A great experience. “ – Richard Doiron 11/13/17 


“The service which I received from Carmelita, since first contacting Mutual of Omaha, has been outstanding. She was extremely thorough, most responsive, and answered all of my questions promptly. No question about a five star rating from this customer. Thank you MOA and Carmelita. “ – Martin Minth 11/08/17

“They have been a pleasure to work with. I have a great policy after being turned down previously. Made it a very smooth easy process. Great people.” – T Sanchez 11/08/17 


“Thank you so MUCH for quickly getting back to me… Exceptional customer service!” – Diana Grapes 10/24/17

“Katerina Walker is polite, precise, thorough and answers quickly…she is fantastic. Great experience because of her. “ – Angela Calise-Dauer 11/07/17 


“Thank you so MUCH for quickly getting back to me… Exceptional customer service!” – Diana Grapes 10/24/17

“Had a very professional and prompt service from Vince Calcina and Kira McStraw. They were able to get me a price quote better than my previous insurer which was a big plus.” – Michael Grochowski 10/19/17 


“I was very pleased with the help Amanda gave me.I would highly recommend AccuQuote due to my positive experience.” – Daniel Reaver 10/19/17


“My experience with AccuQuote was EXCELLENT because I always work with Sue Cherry. She provides OUTSTANDING customer service, she’s friendly and helpful.” – Margaret Treat 10/06/17 


“Jan was wonderful! Her input into my needs was very informative. I am looking forward to doing business with her.” – Jane Trainor 9/25/17


“Thomas continually kept me up to speed,answered any and all questions always. Very polite all the time. not enough praise can I give. Excellent in all aspects of customer service.” – Fred Wakim 9/17/17 


“Your representatives made the application process very easy by leading me through the process step by step. He kept informed every step of the way and advised regarding status and when additional information was required. It was a pleasure working with the representative who was very knowledgeable about the insurance product and conversion options available with the policy I was acquiring.” – Peter Bonici 9/10/17


“AccuQuote has treated me with a great deal of professionalism and I have recommended them to a few of my co-workers. “ – Charles Williams 9/4/17 


“I got a call from Mark and he was very polite on the phone and told me that he was checking my policy and wanted to update my email and ask any questions I had about the policy. I was not expecting his call since I bought the policy 14 years ago but he was able to answer my question and said he would get back to me on some of my requests. Then the next day Terra Lunsford called me and gave me the information that I requested from Mark. She was also polite and did ask if she could do anything else for me. I told her that I was satisfied and was very grateful for their help.” – Lawrence Kahalepuna 8/25/17


“Kelsey Gold was awesome!!!!! She lead us through each step of the way with timely and professional calls and emails. She was patient, pleasant, and very knowledgeable. Honestly, it was her efforts that got this policy in effect for us!!!” – Tim Craft 8/17/17 


“Greatest experience. Mr. Leto took the time to explain the policy as well as informed me if I would like to make any changes to the policy and I can.” – Mirza Marte 8/10/17


“Eric was great with helping me find a policy that meets my current needs. He made the process very easy and let me know all the steps to expect and timelines.” – Michele Blose 8/3/17 


“Using AccuQuote was easy and worthwhile. They provided the best rates and a simple, straightforward process. Would definitely recommend.” – Adam Ricks 7/31/17


“Kyle Edwards was so patient and helpful working on my new insurance policies. He saw that I was on point with all the needed requirements so that my application will be successful. Thanks a million to Kyle Edwards, Jesus Lara and other members of their team.” – Loida Vallar 7/25/17 


“The people at Accuquote never gave up on me, even when I encountered a seemingly insurmountable problem. Thanks to God and to Accuquote for encouraging me to keep pressing for the policy I needed. “ – Kathy Hooks 7/19/17


“Jason was extremely detailed and informative, and communicated all of the aspects of our strategy options and policies to our full satisfaction. Also, all communication and follow-ups through the submissions and underwriting more than met our needs.” – Brad Wallace 7/14/17 


“Barb Sachs on the sales side was fantastic. I competed AccuQuote against several others. Barb was patient, friendly and competent. She answered all of my questions in a timely manner. Debra Woodley was the client relationship specialist who took over my application after submitted. She was right on top of things. She returned my calls and emails promptly. She always answered my questions and updated me as soon as there was news on my application. I’m very pleased with my AccuQuote experience and look forward to an opportunity to refer others. Thank you!” – Scott Hilmen 7/10/17


“Excellent service from Bill Rosenthal, since that first phone call. He must be the best and most qualified agent working there. He fully answered all my questions provide expert advice on everything I needed.” – Rufus Taylor 6/27/17 


“Our experience with AccuQuote was great! Jason was friendly and knowledgeable. He listened to my concerns and came up with a plan that was exactly what we were looking for. The AccuQuote experience was seamless. We appreciated being regularly updated on the status of our policy. We would not hesitate to use AccuQuote again. Thank You!” – Ann Sanness 6/18/17


“Brenda was constantly providing updates and instructions to make the process very efficient and painless!” – Ginger Hall 6/16/17 


“Peggy was great to work with and answered all my questions clearly and in a timely manner. I have a life insurance plan now that is way more affordable than options I looked at on my own, and seems to be great coverage.” – Joe Davis 6/8/17


“AccuQuote patiently listened to what I wanted and offered me good options based on my feedback. They walked me step by step through the process and made it as simple as possible. I very satisfied with my experience and with the product I chose. Thanks” – Manuel Zepeda 6/6/17 


“Very informative. I had several questions about my current policy and Mr. Calcina was very patient and answered all the questions that I had” – Christina Stewart 6/5/17


“My wife and I recently obtained new life policies. Thomas was absolutely instrumental in us selecting his company. He is extremely articulate, patiently explained & answered any questions or concerns we had. He was quickly responsive to every email & phone call I made. Finding the rare qualities in such a professional as Thomas is difficult; retaining that employee always presents a challenge. Not only is he a credit, he is the sole reason we chose AccuQuote. Thank you Thomas!! “ – Bill & Victoria Furness 5/23/17 


“Katerina is remarkable! She’s friendly, accommodating, very informative and patient. She offered her expert guidance and recommendations and was able to answer ALL of our questions. She made us feel comfortable, it felt like we were cared for by a family member. I am looking forward to working with her again. “ – Francesco Ramos 5/19/17


“I rate 5 stars for the experience I had with Mr. V Leto from AccuQuote, No one like talking about purchasing life insurance Mr. Leto made my experience not only comfortable purchasing life insurance he also made it very affordable. Thank you “ – Cecilia Francis 5/15/17 


“I received a phone call from Eric about my current policy, he was very polite, knowledgeable and professional, he shared a lot of great information about with me the policy to include coverage of my grandchildren. I will be contacting him at a later date for further guidance.” – James Washington 5/15/17


“Mr. Edward Katz and Ms. Darlene Sy provided me with timely service. The two individuals was very knowledgeable and professional. Addressed my needs and concerns, and provide some recommendations.” – Yang Demps 5/1/17 


“Getting life insurance is not the easiest thing to deal with especially facing the harsh reality of death. Katerina made me feel comfortable, she was very kind and explained everything to me. AccuQuote sent a nurse to our house and all the blood work was done in the comfort of my own home. Katerina is very efficient, insightful and helpful. She is prompt to answer any questions.” – Liezel Rowan 5/1/17


“My overall experience was wonderful. Everyone that I spoke with was very knowledgeable, professional and provided me with great selections with good prices. I would recommend other family members and or friends to seek your assistance in he future. I was often contacted of status and any requesting followup. “ – Shirley Merritt 4/25/17 


“Excellent service. Jason was through and helpful. The follow up phone call resulted in my being able to by more life insurance. Something I have been thinking about doing but needed Jason’s know how. “ – Chris Traficante 4/13/17


“Glenn Hacker was very efficient. He was fantastic. He was knowledgeable and helpful. He was a pleasure to work with.” – Susan Angerame 4/7/17 


“Barbara Sachs was so kind to me, and offered the best customer service! She really made me feel important and cared about as we went through the progress. She continued to try to find solutions and answers as they arose! I greatly appreciate all of her hard work in helping me acquire this policy!! She’s a fantastic representative for your company!!! Please commend her for me!!!” – Charlene Davis 4/3/17


“I was very pleased with the assistance I received with AccuQuote. I used them many years ago and was also satisfied with what they were able to provide for me at a rate that I could afford and they shop all the companies available. I have recently used them again. Should the need arise in the future, I will return to them for fast, courteous service.” – Carolyn J. 3/29/17 


“The entire experience (from checking available products, going through the application process, waiting for the medical records and underwriting) was very pleasant and professional. I was periodically contacted and kept well informed at every step.” – Yvonne Bunker 3/18/17


“Dmitri was great to work with, he was very patient and took the time to answer all my questions thoroughly and gave me several options from which I could choose – his detailed explanations made me feel confident when deciding on a policy.” – Martin Vaughn 3/15/17 


“Peggy is very informative, cooperative and have extensive knowledge in insurance field. I am very satisfied with the service she provided.” – Bala 3/13/17


“AccuQuote Account Executive, Thomas McArdle is a gem! Thomas goes above and beyond in the area of customer service as he is prompt, thorough, patient, and personable. We have been with AccuQuote for years and, we are so grateful that Thomas is on the AccuQuote team. Understanding life insurance policy options can be overwhelming when trying to make the best coverage decision with our families in mind, coupled with affordability. Thanks to the level of professional comfort we experienced with Thomas, our policy conversions were/are* seamless. *My (Lisa) policy is currently in the conversion process. With appreciation for Thomas!” – Bruce and Lisa Houck 3/8/17 


“I definitely give my experience with AccuQuote five stars! From my initial telephone conversation, and all correspondence after, everyone who I spoke with or received written material from has shown me complete respect. And believe me in this day and age respect seems to be a thing of the past. Each employee that I had any communication with was knowledgeable, and very kind to me. Every question and concern, was answered in a timely manner. I feel as though everyone who I corresponded with either through email, letter or telephone calls went above and beyond. Your employees are a great asset to your company, and I very happy that I made the initial telephone call. I highly recommend your company. Thank you for your time. May God bless you and your company. “ – Susan Arndt 3/7/17


“The process was painless and easy and straightforward. I really appreciate the honesty and the straightforward explanations of the employee we worked with.” – Elizabeth Timpe 3/1/17 


“Peggy Zea-Olutayese was great and kept my very difficult case moving forward and provided great communication.” – Matthew Wolf 2/21/17


“Katerina, the representative, was very nice and professional, she found products for my needs that I could afford, which gave me a way to protect my family, thank You.” – Marvin Casteel 2/16/17 


“Very good service. I have used Sue Cherry ten years ago and she remembered me and I think she really cared to help me and get me best deal she could and make sure I’m covered.” – Ted Charton 2/11/17


“I worked with Vince to increase my term life insurance amount. Vince was efficient and great to work with.” – Todd Clark 2/8/17 


“Mark Koenig was extremely helpful, very thorough in his research & follow-up, clear in his communication, and a consummate professional in every way. He went above & beyond in assisting me with a serious problem my wife had with her U.S. Insurance Company of New York life insurance policy. Brenda Rudek was also very helpful and diligent in all aspects of obtaining my new life insurance policy with Prudential. I’ve recommended Mark to some of my friends & associates.” – William Huisman 2/3/17


“I would highly recommend using AccuQuote. I am a new graduate just starting in my career and was looking for low cost but enough protection as a young adult (21 yo). I was guided through the process with professionalism and wonderful followup. The representative (Ms. Maybell) was a pleasure to work with. I did everything on line and even though I was scared to get my blood drawn, the nurse was patient and it ended up being painless. Again, I would recommend using this service to all my peers. Don’t wait to get covered – welcome to the “adult world”, as my mother tells me all the time. “ – Lia Miller 1/27/17 


“I would describe my experience as 5 star!! Everyone involved in communications with me was polite and prompt with responses. I would recommend AccuQuote to anyone. “ – Debora Rapp 1/24/17


“Jan Netting was great! Personable, knowledgeable, responsive.” – Frances Ort 1/20/17 


“Sue Cherry is an outstanding agent. She communicated with me every step of the way. She left no question unanswered. I was preparing to leave on a trip to pick up my son. Sue made sure all was in place prior to my leaving. It provided great peace of mind.” – Lori Hastert 1/17/17


“My experience working with Peggy Olutayese was outstanding. I had a lot of concerns initially on what will benefit my family and she assisted all the way though the process.” – Tracey Kimble-Fuller 1/11/17 


“Katrina explain to me more about what accidental insurance does for the holder. I have never had that explained by any other company I had looked into. She answered all questions that I had with deals I understood. I glad I made this decision to get this policy. Thank You.” – Pamela Pumphrey 1/8/17  


“Mr. Malec was very knowledgeable and professional throughout the process. He met my expectations in every way.” – Yaron Tov 1/6/17 


“Kira kept me informed during the process. And, was always there to answer any questions that I had. Thanks Kira!” – Richard Whitton 12/23/16  


“My overall experience with AccuQuote was absolutely excellent!!! Very knowledgeable agent help me and offer me advice. Very professional and courteous. He talked to me as though I was his friend he was trying to help. Very excellent service.” – Randy Hart 12/19/16 


“Dimitri was super helpful along the way. I am 100%satisfied with his service!” – Haolai Jiangg 12/16/16  


“Katerina Walker provides superior service every time. I first had the pleasure of her responsive and helpful attitude more than a year ago, and then recently she again handled all with respect, patience and skill. She knows her stuff, catches on quick, recommends the best solutions and shows real concern when there are hurdles to clear. Please reward her for an ongoing job well done!” – John Bartuska 12/13/16 


“I am very satisfied with the services provided by Ms. Carmelita Santiago. She is a true professional.” – Vladislav Vitkovski 12/2/16  


“Sue was pleasant & helpful. She took her time and explained things very thoroughly and gave me options to choose from. I wouldn’t hesitate to call again or even referring people to her. “ – Alexandria Yeargan 11/17/16 


“My new experience with Vincent Leto was very comfortable. Dealing with insurance and thinking ahead is very stressful. Vincent listened to my concerns and was able to accommodate me with compassion. I am very grateful I have Mr Leto on my side. Tough decisions like this is when a person needs to contact AccuQuote. Every thing has been confidential and successful. Thank you for being there Mr Leto and you are a major asset to AccuQuote.” – Hector Hernandez 11/16/16  


“Peggy was very professional. She handled everything in a timely manner and was very dependable. “ – Jackie Shively 11/10/16 


“Everyone was very kind and patient and efficient and willing to explain things to me when I didn’t understand. Thank you all.” – Cynthia Grant 10/20/16  


“It was great! Your customer representatives did a great job. My calls were always answered quickly and when I had a problem, Darlene was always there to help!” – Barry Mehler 10/13/16 


“Vince Calcina helped me and my wife understand the insurance options available to us and, with his guidance, we were able to make an informed decision. He did an exemplary job of explaining the details, as well as the pros and cons of various products. Mr. Calcina was readily available by phone or email to answer any questions. Thanks to his experience, expertise and patience, we found a policy that best meets our needs for both life insurance and long term care. I consider Vince Calcina an outstanding professional and AccuQuote a first rate service.” – John Rendzio 10/13/16  


“Glen was very helpful. Answered all my questions. Would recommend AccuQuote. Good experience.” – Wendall Sprague 10/12/16 


“Amanda Wisek is an absolute pleasure to work with. I had a lot of questions, to which she provided timely and thorough answers. I also went back ad forth many times tweaking the amounts and durations of two term life policies, and she always got the updated information back to me quickly. Not only would I tell my freinds about AccuQuote, I would specifically tell them to call Amanda!” – Bob Crow 10/11/16  


“I was very impressed with the high level of customer service provided by Debra! She was awesome!!” – Vickie Starling 10/5/16 


“My experience was wonderful Ms. Sue Cherry was the nicest person that I’ve ever talked to over the phone like this this company should be ecstatic to have her on their team thank you very much.” – Tatum Marlin 10/6/16  


“I was very impressed with the high level of customer service provided by Debra! She was awesome!!” – Vickie Starling 10/5/16 


“Amanda worked diligently to meet my needs. I am completely happy and satisfied with my experience with AccuQuote. Amanda is very professional and sets a good standard and example for AccuQuote. Thank You.” – Noble Pulling 10/5/16  


“I have never written a review of the agents or service at AccuQuote even though I have been with them for at least several years. As far as I’m concerned , I can only give one review of ALL my experiences, and that is that I have been very well accommodated by every agent EVERY SINGLE TIME. All my questions have always been clearly answered and EVERY occasion has been a pleasant one. At this point in my experience I would say they come off as natural professionals I would recommend them to anyone and I will hold on to them for as long as I can.” – David Hernandez 9/30/16 


“Bill went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that all of our questions and concerns were addressed. A top notch rep!” – Christine Ekenberg 9/29/16  


“It was an absolute pleasure working with Vincent Leto on my insurance policy. He is professional and extremely helpful. It’s a work in progress and I have confidence Mr. Leto will do everything in his power to help me with my insurance needs.” – James Hoopes 9/20/16 


“Janet did a very good job in helping me understand the process and keeping in touch with the progress.” – Gene Michaux 9/16/16  


“Bill was one stop shopping for me. He was not just some “rookie” from a call center. I instantly knew I was dealing with a professional. I am already a repeat customer. Next time, I will be sure to ask for Bill. Satisfied customer.” – Brandon Hamil 9/15/16 


“My experience with AccuQuote was far beyond what I expected. It’s the first, and I’m sure only, time in my life I’ll be buying life insurance. At every step of the way, from Dmitri Coffey, to Darlene Sy, to Scott Malec, all of the representatives were professional and knowledgeable, and communicated with me just the right amount about how the underwriting process was going. Most importantly, they never used the high-pressure techniques that insurance salespeople are often known for. They handled a situation that came up very well, and in the end helped me to get the best possible rate. If it wasn’t for the excellent customer service they provided, I probably would not have purchased a policy.” – Edward Russell 9/7/16 

“Excellent communication from Mr. Glenn Hacker. Very patient and attentive.” – Vonda Crews 9/2/2016 


“Scott was very attentive the entire cycle. When the first quote came in to high for the amount of time I wanted to secure, he made suggestions of how to lower the cost, including switching carries and decreasing the term from 20 to 10 years. The new quotes came in to be very reasonable and i went with his suggestion. Thank you.” – George Andrew 8/29/16 

“Terry was great, he was persistent and very helpful in all aspects of the process. I have life insurance because of Terrance…” – Dwayne Culpepper 8/25/16 


“Silas was extremely well-informed, professional and helpful. He guided me to the exact form of insurance that I was looking for.” – Paul Surovell 8/18/16 

“Very accommodating, courteous, helpful, patient with my questions, very knowledgeable. Not pushy. Answered my questions and didn’t expect an immediate decision on my part. Allowed my to think about it and get back to her.” – Debera Setterstrom 8/16/16 


“Very knowledgeable I learned a so much. He was patient and I did not feel rushed.” – Daisy Castellar 8/12/16 

“Ms. Walker was extremely helpful. I recently lost my wife and became a single parent. Aside from Ms. Walkers help and knowledge she went above and beyond sending me information on literature for my kids to help them cope with the passing of their mother. I can not say enough about Ms. Walker in helping me with this whole experience. Thank you Ms. Walker for your professionalism and your thoughtfulness.” – David Carbajal 8/11/16 


“Vince was excellent to work with secure life insurance. He made it super easy and let me know every step of the process. Excellent Customer Service! “ – Carrie Borda 8/11/16 

“The agent I spoke with Vince Leto was very thorough and detail oriented. He made me feel very comfortable and like he really cared about me. I so appreciated his professional and mannerism in the telephone process of my application. We had a great conversation and I enjoyed speaking with him as well. You should be very proud to have a company asset as you do in Vince. He truly was a very nice guy to talk to. “ – Randy Hart 8/10/16 


“I felt that my needs and concerns were addressed in a courteous, friendly and professional manner.” – Rita Shustitzky 8/8/16 

“Excellent experience. Each communication with agents was clear and helpful!” – Betty Horton 8/3/16 


“Extraordinary company. If I was uncertain about any aspect of the transaction the owner of the company called to be sure I totally understood. I was treated with the utmost respect and I am sure my decision was the best one for my financial situation. Thank You !” – Noreen Adams 8/2/16 

“I was very very pleased with the process of applying for term life insurance recently. The entire process from beginning to end was very user friendly.. My “point person” was Brenda Rudek, and she called me and guided me and responded to my calls of inquiry very promptly. Thank you.” – Adrianne Cady 8/1/16 


“It was a pleasant experience. Mr Coffey talked to me like he was a person, not a computer. He was very knowledgeable and he didn’t sound like he was reading from a script like most people who are trying to sell you something do. I personally find that to be irritating, and usually hang up. Mr. Coffey answered all my questions and took the time to explain to me the different options I have. If all of your employees are like Mr. Coffey , then I look forward to doing business with a company such as yours . Everyone likes doing business with someone who doesn’t act or sound like their reading from cards and just going through the motions. Thanks again Mr Coffey.” – Karen Smith 7/26/16 

“I had an expiring policy (from AccuQuote) from 20 years ago! They’re still around, as am I, and Billy really helped out with his personal service and follow thru to make sure I was aware of all options. I was up against the clock on making a decision and Billy made certain I was taken care of 100%! No drama, just help and advice from a seemingly old pal. Well done! (My first policy was with Byron Udell himself!)” – Tim S. 7/25/16 


“Vince was pleasant to speak to and provided me with a lot of useful information in regards to the type of insurance I was after. I ended my conversation feeling that the right choice was made.” – Roy Wakamatsu 7/20/2016 

“Clear instructions. Frequent updates on progress. A+ service.” – Jin Tao 7/13/2016


“Convenient, informative, and friendly.” – Dave Welch 7/8/2016 

“Excellent service and follow through. Proactive about keeping client alert of when lower rates are available without the client having to check in.” – Stacy Siso 7/7/2016


“I had a very positive experience working with everyone I was in touch with at AccuQuote. They explained the process to me and everything moved along quickly and as originally discussed.” – Karen Cowe 7/7/2016 

“Like most people these days, we are very busy. I am not sure we would have successfully completed the process of acquiring life insurance without AccuQuote. The assistance we received, especially from Client Relationship Specialist Jasmine Nance, was excellent.” – Lindsey Etheridge 6/25/2016


“My experience with AccuQuote was wonderful. They helped me obtain my life insurance policy without any trouble at all. Everything went just like I hoped it would. Thank you!” – Jon Rice 6/24/2016 

“Katerina was very attentive to my need to get life insurance for my mother. She was knowledgeable as well as kind and thorough. She made what was a daunting task for me, very pleasant. I will recommend her to other friends who are looking for life insurance.” – Janice Francis 6/24/2016


“Life insurance is NOT a favorite topic for most people. But, as we age, we have to think about not only OUR future, but the future of those we love. So, is IS an important issue for me. I am glad I answered the phone today and spoke to Dimitri! He made the conversation so comfortable and informative. Thank you for having such a warm and knowledgeable person on your staff! I am going to refer my son and brother to him for THEIR future concerns.” – Barbara Shrieves 6/11/2016 

“I felt the service was exceptional – the representative was courteous, personable and professional as well as very knowledgeable. The application process was easy.” – Linda Seibert 6/8/2016


“Kyle Edwards was very helpful and pleasant to speak with about my policy. He was very knowledgeable, answering all my questions with clear information.” – Garrett Black 6/6/2016 

“Helpful, personable and straightforward. Very pleased.” – William Propert 6/7/2016


“Kyle Edwards was very helpful and pleasant to speak with about my policy. He was very knowledgeable, answering all my questions with clear information.” – Garrett Black 6/6/2016 

“I am completely overawed at the customer service – best I have seen in all my life!” – Rajeev Jain 6/6/2016


“Very friendly and helpful. I really appreciated that he was not pushy at all.” – Patricia Mohl 5/31/2016 

“Mr. Rosenthal was very professional and courteous. He followed up to make sure everything was moving along. It was a pleasure doing business with him. The other staff was also very good at followup.” – Thomas Dzuba 5/31/2016


“Very happy with AccuQuote’s friendly and knowledgeable service.” – Nam Ho 5/31/2016 

“I received very friendly, knowledgeable and professional customer service, and was directed to the perfect policy to match my family’s needs at a rate far lower than the one I had previously received through another broker. Thank you for helping my family obtain the coverage we need at a rate we can afford.” – Daniel Weeks 5/17/2016


“Eric was spot on in recommending the right insurance provider for my situation. I know because I tried a few options. He is very well informed from his vast experience, and patiently worked with me on all my questions about not just term life, but other types of insurance as well.” – Arvind Iyer 4/26/2016 

“Our rep was great, very informative, professional and knowledgeable. She kept us informed every step. She took all the guesswork out. She kept in constant contact with us. I’d highly recommend AccuQuote and Sue Cherry to anyone. She has such a bubble personality. You deserve 5 stars.” – Wilma Goodlett 4/20/2016


“Smooth experience. Easy to talk with. Answered all my questions. No issues. Perfect!” – Justin Montgomery 4/15/2016 

“Professional, accurate, and helpful at all times.” – Daniel McCutcheon 4/14/2016


“It’s great how AccuQuote followed up a couple of years later after we bought our initial policies, but they were not pushy or overly aggressive, either. They simply reminded me that this is something I need to be considering every once in a while, and I am very grateful.” – Rick Teachey 4/13/2016 

“Jason was truly helpful throughout the process. It seemed like we got to know each other and he treated me like a person as opposed to a number, which happens more often than not these days. Overall a pleasant experience.” – Mark Frisch 4/7/2016


“Service was very efficient and knowledgable.” – Laura Mullins 4/7/2016 

“AccuQuote puts the customer’s needs first. They found just the right insurance product for me, at a price I could afford. The people there are smart as a whip and a pleasure to deal with.” – Paul Crapo 4/1/2016


“I really do not enjoy talking to insurance salesmen, they’re usually too pushy for me. But, I found Vincent very knowledgeable and relaxing to talk to… Thanks for all the help!” – Donald Martin 3/31/2016 

“I was very pleased. Obviously, I had a lot of other options out there to pick from, however, Sharon and her team did not overpressure me. I would recommend AccuQuote to others.” – Kenneth Miller 3/31/2016


“Bobbi is a very personable lady who listens intently to the client and is able to make them feel so comfortable throughout the process. It is totally seamless and felt unscripted. I was impressed with her knowledge of the product and her ability to keep me calm during the explanation of all the different elements of the plans. She sold the policy!” – Philip Race 3/31/2016 

“Speaking to Mary and choosing AccuQuote was the best thing I could have ever done for my family. She was very knowledgeable, professional, and went above and beyond to talk me through every possible scenario, some of which I had not considered before. I will definitely recommend AccuQuote to others who are in need of life insurance options.” – LaQuanta Smalley 3/30/2016


“Worked with D’Andre Stinnette today. Very friendly, very knowledgeable and made sure I was 100% happy before I got off the call. I’ve talked to 5 different agents with other companies and I’ll be coming back to D’Andre for my life insurance.” – Kirk Lauerman 3/29/2016 

“Great! Sharon was amazing at explaining everything to me. Very descriptive and patient with me. Will recommend her.” – Alexander Martinez 3/26/2016


“Mr. Koenig was very helpful when I had questions and returned calls immediately. Positive experience!” – Suzanne Pearne 3/25/2016


“AccuQuote was very professional and were able to give me incredible quotes on term life insurance. They beat the other company I got a quote from by a wide margin! Plus, they were always available for me to call with questions. I had a great time working with AccuQuote and Gary Knapp.” – Jason Beedon 3/25/2016 

“Brenda and Kyle were both great to work with. Very helpful and responsive.” – James Short 3/23/2016


“Dimitri was helpful and informative. He definitely made the process as easy as getting life insurance can be.” – Winston Waltman 3/22/2016 


“I had a seamless experience. Thomas Lee was very helpful and thorough. He is very knowledgeable at his job and made the experience very pleasant.” – Ryan Solomon 3/21/2016


“I was treated with the utmost respect, updated about everything and finally told I could have the Whole Life I wanted instead of the Term and took that. I was very, very pleased with the service. Thank you.” – Marie Engstrom 3/17/2016


“Wonderful experience – Gary walked me through everything, fully answered my questions, and made me feel confident that I was in good hands every step of the way!” – Steve Kondonijakos 3/17/2016 


“Excellent customer service skills satisfied my concerns and understanding of the quote process. Would refer others to AccuQuote because of the positive experience.” – Debra Burks 3/16/2016


“Jason was great – walked me through the analysis to make the right decision.” – George Hoffman 3/12/2016 

“I had a very good experience with everyone at AccuQuote.” – Jonathan Sutton 3/11/2016


“Rate a 10. Worked with Peggy and the experience was great even when we changed the policy. She kept us up to date with everything, up to the acceptance of the policy. Would tell anyone to use AccuQuote.” – Jackie Bosworth 3/9/2016 

“Vince is very good at explaining policies and very easy to deal with.” – Mohammad Rizwa 3/7/2016 

“It was a great experience. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend your company to others.” – Brenda Johnson 3/5/2016


“I am really satisfied with the professional service that I got from AccuQuote.” – George Lovelace 3/5/2016 

“Very personable! Made an extra effort to ensure my husband and I received great customer service and ultimately the life insurance coverage we wanted. Highly recommend!” – Sarah Zeller 3/3/2016


“Tracey was a pleasure to work with!” – Alessandro Mangano 3/1/2016


“I was pleased overall during my experience with AccuQuote and especially impressed with Mr. Coffey’s professionalism, his attention to detail, and his patience. I am one who finds the intricacies of life insurance somewhat daunting; Mr. Coffey explained everything in a way that I understood. He was courteous and personable throughout our conversations and I am very grateful for all his help.” – Edward Earp 3/2/2016 

“Excellent customer service” – Gary Frasier 3/1/2016


“Bob was helpful, easy to talk to, very thorough and made the process very quick. All correspondence with agents were quick and easy and I was always aware of the process and what was going on while waiting for approval.” – Laura Klenske 3/2/2016 

“The best informative, seamless experience! 5 stars” – Elba Rodriguez 2/25/2016


“First time using my technology to get what I needed. AccuQuote and their employee Gary put me at ease when calling them, AccuQuote is doing all the work to get me the best insurance….Gary was the greatest guy to work with! Easy going but professional.” – Anna Rodriguez 2/24/2016 

“After doing quite a bit of shopping around, I was actually amazed and very happy to obtain the coverage I needed and at a better price than I expected…I would recommend Jason and AccuQuote to any of my friends….” – Richard Nelson 2/23/2016


“Excellent– very helpful!” – Chris Wright 2/23/2016


“Fast, quick, easy and Vince was extremely helpful!” – Kristin Corbitt 2/16/2016 

“5 stars, very nice to work with.” – Gary Judd 2/16/2016


“The service provided by Sue Cherry and her team has been excellent in every regard. She has been thorough, patient, and helpful in every way. I would highly recommend AccuQuote to anyone looking to purchase life insurance.” – J. Slovak 2/16/2016 

“I couldn’t be more satisfied with the excellent, courteous and thoroughly professional service I received from Ms. Walker while applying for my policy. She always kept me advised throughout the process and was able to get me a better rate than she had promised! I recommend AccuQuote for anyone looking for the best insurance at an affordable price.” – Wayne Martorelli 2/16/2016


“Working with Sue Cherry and Darlene Sy was a breeze. They made the process simple and easy from my initial application, through underwriting, and final policy issuance. I got constant updates throughout the process and AccuQuote makes it easy to get documents scanned back to their representatives to allow for quick processing and policy issuance. Everything went great, Sue is a wealth of knowledge with her policy recommendations, and even made me consider a policy that I had no clue existed in an effort to save me money in the long run. Thanks!” – Kenneth Munoz-Porter 2/2/2016 


“It was an easy process from start to finish to increase my insurance policy. Kyle was professional and knowledgable. I would highly recommend your company to friends and family.” – Jessica Hazan 2/2/2016 

“I had a great experience every step of the way. I am thankful for all the help I received!!” – Terence Mannis 2/1/2016


“Mr. Vince Calcina was very patient to answer all related questions about my life insurance. I’m really thankful for his help.” – KimLien Nguyen 1/28/2016 

“Thank you Terrence for walking me through the process; so that I could get the appropriate coverage that I hope will benefit my family.” – Patricia G Wright 2/1/2016


“I called in to get a child rider today, the agent was very polite and very helpful! He went out of his way to make sure that all my concerns were met.” – Hanna Tillman 1/29/2016 

“I am very grateful for Debbie’s extra attention in following up that I am satisfied with my transactions with AccuQuote. The service didn’t end with the sale but continued to follow thru. She offered options on how to process closing my other life term insurance.” – Catherine Santos 1/28/2016


“From the moment I filled out the application, AccuQuote was so easy to work with. I never felt lost or misrepresented through the process. They responded immediately to any questions I had. The process was very quick and easy. I am so happy we saved time and headache and went with AccuQuote.” – Jennifer Hicks 1/19/2016 

“She was great very informative, simplified things in an understandable way so I could comprehend. She answered all my questions and left no doubt in my mind.” – Angelee Morgan 1/18/2016


“Great experience! Everything done in timely manner! Eric explained everything well, answered all questions, and was always very friendly and helpful!”– Robert Trieschmann 1/11/2016

“AccuQuote was easy to use and got me the best quote I could’ve imagined.” – James Dougherty 10/2/2015


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