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Property & Casualty Insurance

Your family’s financial future can be affected by many different types of loss…

…not just the loss of a loved one. While the importance of making a plan to carry on financially after the death of a loved one cannot be overstated, your family likely has other assets you should  protect.

Property & casualty insurance is a type of insurance that helps provide   you with financial protection for your family’s property as well as your  liability. You may not recognize the name “property and casualty,” but you’ll recognize the most common types of P&C insurance: auto insurance and homeowners insurance.

These types of insurance are critical to ensuring your family’s financial  health (in fact, sometimes these coverages are mandatory). Both car and homeowners insurance provide coverage for personal property, be it your car, your home, or the contents of your home, as well as your legal liability,  if you are found legally liable for loss or damages relating to your car or home. Life happens, and these protections are essential for keeping your family’s finances safe when disaster may  strike.

That’s why we’ve partnered with InsuraMatch, to help you easily find the property & casualty insurance that’s right for you from a trusted source. InsuraMatch can provide you with property and casualty insurance advice  and help you shop mulitiple carriers to get multiple quotes on coverage. InsuraMatch understands that while the best price is important, the coverage levels you choose and the service each carrier provides can be even more important in protecting your  family.

Whether you’re a driver looking to lower your car insurance payment or a new homeowner who needs coverage before you move in, InsuraMatch can help you find your match.


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