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Keeping Your Finances Stable…No Matter What Life Throws at You

Life insurance is designed to take care of your family when you die. But you want to protect your family from every kind of situation, not just your death.

We can help.

These products can help you stay in control and protect your assets in the different circumstances you may face:

Disability Income Insurance

If you’re like most people, the biggest asset you have is your income. If an injury or illness keeps you from going to work, how will your bills get paid?

The odds of a disability lasting over 90 days between the ages of 25 and 65 are ONE in FOUR.1 Disability income insurance can keep the money coming when you can’t earn it yourself.

If you depend on your paycheck, don’t you think you should protect it?

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Long-Term Care Insurance

About 70% of people over 65 will need some kind of long-term care during their lives.2

The cost of long-term care is already high, and it’s going up every year. Long-term care insurance protects your assets and can help your family take care of you as you age.

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Critical Illness Insurance

If you’re ever diagnosed with a covered illness, such as heart attack, stroke, cancer or HIV/AIDS, critical illness insurance will pay you a lump sum cash benefit. You can use that money to help pay for medical bills, replace lost income from work, etc. The additional financial resources can help your family cope with the difficult times you’ll have to face.

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An annuities can help make sure you never outlive your retirement savings. Annuities pay you a steady monthly income, potentially for the rest of your life (no matter how long you live). As an added bonus, you may be able to defer paying taxes on the interest you earn.

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1 Commissioner’s Disability Table

2 www.LifeHappens.org “What you need to know about long term care insurance”

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