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How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

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By Byron Udell | November 9, 2018

You’ve probably known someone who passed away with no coverage or, perhaps, a policy that barely covered the cost of the funeral. Maybe $10,000 or $20,000. That’s okay, assuming that’s all she wanted to cover. But for most people, the loss of a loved one leaves behind financial obligations far beyond just funeral expenses. No…

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3 Reasons People Put-Off Buying Life Insurance

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By Byron Udell | November 8, 2018

About half of the adults in the US own life insurance.   The other half doesn’t.   Some don’t need it. And others who arguably DO need it… don’t WANT it.   It’s a free country.   There’s obviously no law that says we must care about our families, but the fact is… most of us DO! So why…

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5 Turkey Day Family Tips to Remember

thanksgiving table setting

By Selene Garcia | November 6, 2018

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends. A time for filling bellies and enjoying those we love, and those who love us. This isn’t some sappy post about how we should love one another and be kind – this is a list. A list of things to remember during a time of year we…

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Life Lessons 2018 College Scholarship Winner

Students and tourists rest in lawn chairs in Harvard Yard, the open old heart of Harvard University campus

By Selene Garcia | November 5, 2018

For over 20 years Life Happens, a nonprofit organization, has dedicated its resources to helping consumers take personal financial responsibility through the ownership of life insurance. The truth is, every year families with no life insurance protection are bankrupted by the loss of a wage earner. Which is why for the past 14 years Life…

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[VIDEO] Life Insurance Coverage and Heart Issues

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By Selene Garcia | November 1, 2018

Any kind of heart issue can be scary. The ol’ticker is what keeps you alive – what’s not scary about it? But sometimes, what’s more frightening is that your family might not be able to pay the mortgage or rent, fill the fridge or pay the utilities. So before you brush-off life insurance as something…

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[VIDEO] Are You Regularly Reviewing Your Life Insurance Policy?

Pensive man shopping and browsing on tablet computer

By Selene Garcia | October 30, 2018

An annual review of any insurance policy is just responsible adulting. But, life moves fast and it doesn’t always happen. So, consider this your life insurance policy review reminder. Check your policy! It’s easy to forget all of the changes throughout the year…move to a new home, get married (or divorced), have your first or…

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[VIDEO] 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Life Insurance

grown man bouncing on a bed

By Selene Garcia | October 26, 2018

Yeah these facts will blow you away! You hear “life insurance” and you’re armed and ready with objections… it’s too expensive, it’s important but not right now. You also might think you’ve got all the life insurance facts. But, before you decide to simply do away with life insurance coverage – get clear on the facts….

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[VIDEO] 7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Life Insurance

its too late when you need it life happens image

By Selene Garcia | October 25, 2018

Buying life insurance can be easy. It’s the considering part that’s more challenging. Challenging, but not impossible. Not even difficult. Well, in light of the simple challenge that lay ahead we’ve created a short video to explain why everyone should buy life insurance. You don’t even need to sit back for this one. As a…

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4 Reasons Why a 20-Something Should Have Life Insurance

three young people jumping up

By Selene Garcia | October 17, 2018

You’ve already come up with a bunch of reasons why not to get coverage, but the truth is life insurance isn’t for the dead, it’s for the living. You might think you’re too young for life insurance and maybe you’re right, but let’s first take a look at the reasons why a 20-something should have…

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[VIDEO] Life Insurance: Should You Buy Term Then Invest?

dollar bill with white brick background

By Selene Garcia | September 28, 2018

Winning the game of life insurance is easy when you’re clear on the facts. That includes choosing the coverage that most closely aligns with your financial plan. This topic has earned more than just a couple minutes of your time – so sit back and learn. Seriously, Byron is crazy knowledgeable. Prefer to read? Scroll…

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