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Month: July 2019

4 Tips for Life Insurance Shopping

brick wall with 4 painted on with life insurance shopping tips overlay

By McKenzy Bowers | July 31, 2019

Buying life insurance can be a seemingly insurmountable task. All the terminology to learn, all of the options to review and how to find the best deals – it’s a virtual nightmare and enough to send you packing up and saving the entire ordeal for another day. Truth be told shopping for life insurance isn’t…

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The Facts About Whole Life Insurance

whole life insurance on desktop with pen and papers in background

By McKenzy Bowers | July 26, 2019

Whole Life Insurance is the gold standard of life insurance policies. This type of permanent life insurance is one of the most misunderstood financial products on the market today. In addition to providing a guaranteed death benefit for life, typically with guaranteed level premiums for life, whole life policies develop significant guaranteed cash values over time…

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