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Month: March 2020

Will Life Insurance Rates Increase Due to COVID-19?

life insurance and covid 19

By McKenzy Bowers | March 31, 2020

Life insurance rates are still low, but it won’t last long. Click below and watch Byron explain how this will play out in the coming days. If you prefer to read, scroll down to read the video transcript.  Video Transcript With all this extra risk out there, is it possible to get life insurance…

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How COVID-19 Is, or Is Not, Impacting the Life Insurance Business and Your Ability to Obtain Coverage

Futuristic glowing low polygonal coronavirus cells banner on dark blue background.

By McKenzy Bowers | March 17, 2020

AccuQuote Press Release 3/17/2020 As part of the panic that has consumed the world surrounding the COVID pandemic, many consumers are asking whether insurance companies are doing anything different, or perhaps, postponing the ability of consumers to obtain life insurance, for general pandemic related reasons. When a worldwide event such as COVID-19 consumes the news,…

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What is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance?

Shot of a mature woman hugging her husband

By McKenzy Bowers | March 3, 2020

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance, also called Final Expense or Burial insurance, is a kind of Permanent life insurance specifically designed to provide the financial resources to pay for: Funeral services Burial (casket, burial plot, headstone, etc.) Hospital bills Debts you don’t want your family to inherit Other costs associated with end of life Typically, a…

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The Lowdown on High Cholesterol and Life Insurance

Blackboard with word

By McKenzy Bowers | March 1, 2020

What do cholesterol and life insurance have in common? Your cholesterol level is a major factor in how much you will pay for life insurance. To find out more, read on. Unless you’ve been living on your own private island with no Wi-Fi, you’ve probably heard by now that your cholesterol levels are a huge…

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