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Month: August 2018

[VIDEO] Why Are the Wealthy Buying so Much Life Insurance?

wealthy home with woman sitting on front steps

By McKenzy Bowers | August 30, 2018

What could you possibly not know that they do!? Theoretically the wealthy don’t need it, right? Turns out, they’re the biggest buyers of life insurance. The wealthy have clearly nailed math. Get in with the money-makers and learn how to math with Byron – the right way. Here’s a question I get asked all the time:…

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[VIDEO] Is Life Insurance Coverage Possible with Sleep Apnea?

CPAP machine man sleeping with mask on

By McKenzy Bowers | August 27, 2018

Whether you suffer from sleep apnea or are a suffering partner – you’re all too familiar with how this disorder plays out. Aside from the snoring, eye-luggage, and morning headache, there are other complications that arise from sleep apnea. As a matter of fact, the Mayo Clinic says complications from sleep apnea can include high…

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[VIDEO] What Life Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

women telling secret

By McKenzy Bowers | August 24, 2018

We all know life insurance companies make plenty of money and you’re probably thinking “Why the #$@&% would I make someone richer!?” – we get it.  So, how can you actually win this game? What are the life insurance secrets? Well, spend some minutes with Byron – our life insurance veteran – and learn the secrets…

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[VIDEO] Universal Life Insurance. What is it?

colorful umbrellas hanging

By McKenzy Bowers | August 23, 2018

Universal Life insurance coverage is for your entire life and can be crazy flexible! Flexible premiums, adjustable death benefit, build cash value and lapse protection – crazy good stuff right?  Check out this super short video and learn more about how universal life might just be the perfect fit for your life. Your Universal Life Premium…

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[VIDEO] Marijuana and Life Insurance

marijuana bud

By McKenzy Bowers | August 22, 2018

Just because you’re high, doesn’t mean your life insurance rates have to be. Believe it or not, a lot of life insurance companies will still insure you if you use marijuana – medicinally or recreationally. Here’s what you have to remember, put it on your application. One more time, be honest on your life insurance…

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[VIDEO] Shopping for Life Insurance. Where to begin?

question mark in hall

By McKenzy Bowers | August 21, 2018

You have lots of questions before you commit to buying anything. But, where do you begin when shopping for life insurance? How do you even know you’re getting the best deal? What questions should you ask? Shopping for life insurance doesn’t have to be painful. The secret is to be armed with the facts –…

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[VIDEO] Overpaying for Your Life Insurance?

piggy bank with family hands and change compress

By McKenzy Bowers | August 20, 2018

How would you know if you were overpaying for life insurance coverage? I mean really, it’s not like someone will call ya up and tell you. So, the first step in taking control of your life insurance begins with watching this 6-minute video. You never know how much 6 minutes might save you…just sayin’. Sit…

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[VIDEO] Diabetes and Life Insurance Coverage. It’s Possible.

Diabetic insulin care (all you need to control diabetes)

By McKenzy Bowers | August 17, 2018

Diabetes is a complicated and frustrating disease. It impacts every part of your life. If you’re stressed, angry, on a roller coaster, or sometimes just sitting around – your diabetes can react. Maybe you’re too high or you crash. None of this is any fun and your frustration about it just raises your blood sugar….

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[VIDEO] Small Business Life Insurance Checklist

two women shaking hand with man

By McKenzy Bowers | August 16, 2018

Protect your small business. It’s that simple. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners underestimate the need for life insurance, but you need to protect your hard work! Life insurance is one of the most important things to think about as a business owner. Here’s the deal, having no coverage is risky. So, if your business…

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[VIDEO] Learn More About The Different Kinds Of Life Insurance

autum birdseye view choices

By McKenzy Bowers | August 15, 2018

Understanding the different kinds of life insurance can help you choose the best option for your situation. So, take 5 (and some seconds) and learn something new today. I mean honestly, wouldn’t your loved ones appreciate the effort? Or maybe homelessness is your goal…?  Here’s the transcript if you prefer reading: There are many different…

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