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Month: April 2014

Byron Udell Shares His Passion for Life Insurance

Byron Udell recommends a new book about the 80-20 Rule.

By McKenzy Bowers | April 24, 2014

AccuQuote CEO Byron Udell talks passionately about why it’s so important to have life insurance. As I mentioned in a feature in the Chicago Tribune on April 7, “Nothing does what life insurance does – there’s no other product that can deliver millions of dollars for a few dollars a day…”  That’s the beauty of life…

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Melina Ahmadpour Shares Her Story with AccuQuote

By McKenzy Bowers | April 10, 2014

If Melina Ahmadpour’s real-life story doesn’t get you to buy life insurance for your loved ones…nothing will. The truth about life insurance doesn’t hit home in a better way than with a real-life story. Melina’s story is just that, and it’s apoignant reminder for all of just what a difference life insurance could make. Melina…

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Don’t Let Your Family Lose Your Policy’s Death Benefits

Life insurance as investment tool?

By McKenzy Bowers | April 1, 2014

There are over $1 billion worth of death benefits that have gone unclaimed. Why? Because the owners of these life insurance policies could not be located. Don’t let this happen to you. To find out how, read on. Data from a 2013 issue of Consumer Reports shows that there are over $1 billion left unclaimed…

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