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Melina Ahmadpour Shares Her Story with AccuQuote

By McKenzy Bowers | April 10, 2014

If Melina Ahmadpour’s real-life story doesn’t get you to buy life insurance for your loved ones…nothing will.

The truth about life insurance doesn’t hit home in a better way than with a real-life story. Melina’s story is just that, and it’s apoignant reminder for all of just what a difference life insurance could make.

Melina Ahmadpour visited AccuQuote recently (watch her video here). Her story is as heartwarming as it is inspirational, and I felt compelled to share it with you.

Like many girls her age, Melina Ahmadpour had a happy childhood. She dreamed of becoming a literary artist. But life took a tragic turn for this young woman 3 weeks after graduating high school.  Her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, forcing Melina to put her life on hold.

Melina’s mother had never thought of buying a life insurance policy. With increasing financial struggles (due mainly to mounting medical bills), their house was lost to foreclosure. The future was starting to look bleak.

After Melina’s mother passed away, she and her sister had to find a way to get by financially. She slaved at jobs and lost her college scholarship. By age 23, she had held 10 jobs and moved five times. Her desperation led her to look for funding and that’s when she came across the Life Happens program. Each year LifeHappens provides scholarships for people like Melina who don’t have the benefits of a life insurance policy.

As part of the application process, Melina had to tell her story. Life Happens awarded her a $7,500 college scholarship, putting wings to her dream of a college education. She later landed an internship selling life insurance. While studying death benefits, all she could think about was how much a death benefit would have meant to her and her sister. It could have meant not having to shop at the 99 cent store; having a place to live; being able to get an education; and not having to live this story. It could have meant trading all her anxieties for the security that life insurance affords.

Melina’s visit to AccuQuote reminded all of us that sometimes savings might not be enough. Social security might not be enough. But having a life insurance policy in place can help prevent similar things from happening to your loved ones. She also reminds us that AccuQuote offers some unique advantages for customers looking to protect their most important assets – their family.

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