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Byron Udell Shares His Passion for Life Insurance

Byron Udell recommends a new book about the 80-20 Rule.

By McKenzy Bowers | April 24, 2014

AccuQuote CEO Byron Udell talks passionately about why it’s so important to have life insurance.

As I mentioned in a feature in the Chicago Tribune on April 7, “Nothing does what life insurance does – there’s no other product that can deliver millions of dollars for a few dollars a day…”  That’s the beauty of life insurance. It isn’t a commodity, but a lifetime of security.

We need life insurance for a variety of reasons:

  • Income Replacement Your family depends on your income to help meet day-to-day expenses and maintain their lifestyle and standard of living when you’re gone.
  • To pay off debts If you’ve taken out a loan or a mortgage and it’s not paid off before you die, the burden of doing this falls on your heirs.  A life insurance policy eliminates this burden.
  • As an investment option Many policies now have riders, clauses and options that allow you to turn your policy from just an instrument that provides security for your family to an investment that also provides a steady cash flow.

These are just some of the reasons for getting coverage.  We can help you find the perfect fit no matter what your situation is.  Compare prices for yourself.  Life insurance is the most amazing product mankind has ever invented!  That said, it’s more of a magic shield than a financial product.  It’s a magic shield that could protect your family against a devastating financial crisis.  Don’t let another day go by without protecting the future of your loved ones.

For over 30 years, AccuQuote has been helping people just like you get the life insurance they need, at a price they can afford. If you’re looking to buy life insurance, we only represent the brand-name, top-rated insurance companies you know and trust. We can get you comparative life insurance quotes in just minutes.

I’m Byron Udell and thanks for listening.

P.S. If you’d like to check out the Tribune article on their own site, here’s the link: Selling a Passion for Life.

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