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Show Your Love on Valentine’s Day – Get Life Insurance

Give the gift Valentine's Day gift of life insurance.

By Byron Udell | February 11, 2018

February 14 is Valentine’s Day. Want a new way to show your better half some everlasting love? Give the gift of life insurance.

[Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published on November 13, 2017. The content was been modified.]

There are only a few certainties in life. The sun rises in the morning. The express lane is always the slowest. It always rains on the day you left your umbrella at home. Millions of married people will wait until the last possible moment to purchase a gift for their spouse on Valentine’s Day.

Instead of that frantic, fatalistic, last-minute dash to the florist, confectioner or jeweler…why not get your spouse a gift that’s way more long-lasting than a vase of violets? Why not bring home…life insurance!

That’s why AccuQuote is proud to be supporting Life Happens in their “Insure Your Love” campaign this February to encourage people to buy life insurance.

You might be thinking: “Life Insurance? That doesn’t sound very romantic to me.” Oh, but it is. When it comes to showing how much you love your spouse, nothing says “love” like life insurance.

Why? Because it turns pennies into dollars when your family needs money the most. And if you want to really show your love, the greatest gift you can give is the knowledge that should something unforeseen happen to you, your family will be financially protected.

Life insurance has helped millions of families, just like yours, rebuild their lives after the loss of a loved one, by providing money to help stay them in their homes, pay bills and send kids to college.

Besides, after a week, a bouquet of flowers will start to wilt. But a life policy is the gift that keeps on giving, all year long.

If you care about your family…IT’S WHAT YOU DO.

Life insurance, is, in every way…LOVE INSURANCE.

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