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[VIDEO] Can You Be Your Own Life Insurance Beneficiary?

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By Selene Garcia | November 13, 2018

It’s a great question. Can you be your own bene? While it might seem odd to consider, it’s a tool that shouldn’t be overlooked when buying a life insurance policy. Especially if you plan on living far past the average human age of 79. There are big perks to being your own life insurance beneficiary!…

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You Can Be the Beneficiary of Your Life Insurance Policy

Want to learn the secrets of buying life insurance and winning the game?

By Byron Udell | September 8, 2017

Typically, a life insurance policy financially protects your family…not YOU. But now, YOU CAN be the beneficiary of your life insurance policy, while you’re still alive. Sounds too good to be true? The answer might surprise you. Let’s face it. The topic of life insurance tends not to generate a great deal of enthusiasm with…

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Split Couples Might Need a Life Insurance Beneficiary Reboot

Are you considering changing your life insurance beneficiary?

By Byron Udell | July 26, 2017

Getting through a divorce is never easy. When a couple finally calls it quits, one of the assets that sometimes get lost in the shuffle is the family’s life insurance policy. Are you considering changing your life insurance beneficiary? As this blog points out, failing to answer that question can occasionally have tragic consequences. Let’s…

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What Is a Contingent Life Insurance Beneficiary?

What is a Contingent Life Insurance Beneficiary?

By Byron Udell | January 31, 2007

Contingent Beneficiary Simply stated, a contingent beneficiary is someone you name that will receive the policy’s death benefit should your primary beneficiary die first. For instance, if Jane Doe (my Wife) should die first, the benefits should be paid to my son, James Smith and my daughter Jane Smith in equal shares. Is having a…

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