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My Real-Life Life Insurance Story

my real life story with life insurance

By McKenzy Bowers | December 16, 2019

Life insurance is one of those things you know is important, but you don’t want to pay for it. I mean really, only those left behind stand to gain from you kicking the bucket. It just doesn’t seem like a deal. Until someone close dies. Then there it is. The stark reality of death with no life insurance.

I’m an AccuQuote employee and even after working here for nearly a year, I didn’t have life insurance. It was the same excuses all of you have made…too young, can’t afford it, don’t want to pay for it.

Then, while on the vacation of a lifetime with my family, I get a text from back home. A good friend lost her husband while THEY were on a family trip. What!? We’re all the same age – this isn’t supposed to happen when you’re in your 40s! She has four kids, a home, expenses…how will my friend make it?

It didn’t stop there. Just a week after getting home, another friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She’s my age! This isn’t supposed to happen now. More kids to wonder about, more expenses to stress over and now her children have to watch her die.

Needless to say, it’s been an incredibly overwhelming month. With all of this emotion whirling around me I push forward trying to figure out how to move forward with the weight of real life in my face. The fabric structure I’ve built to make sense of the world has been torn. And still, life must go on.

So while embroiled in healing, questions begin circling around my head “Do either of them have life insurance? How will they raise the kids? How will they pay for a burial? Do they need Go Fund Me pages? Who will donate? How much do they need? Can they pay their mortgages?”

All of these questions are very real concerns now that things just got VERY real. I have children, I have a home, I have expenses, I’m not wealthy…if I die who will pay for all of this? How will our children go to school? How will my partner mourn the loss while panicking about the details of daily life?

I got covered. I covered my husband. I covered the kids.

  • Is the payment painful? A little, but I feel safer for some reason.
  • Do I wish I didn’t need it? Everyday.
  • Am I relieved knowing that if the ish hits the fan my family will be able to process the loss without starving? Without a doubt.

Side note, some of you might think coverage for a kid is a bit, morbid. Truth be told, if I’m contending with feelings of loss for friends, imagine what the loss of a child will do to you. The reality is, life must, and will, go on and I’ll still need to eat and live…while I mourn.

Here’s the deal, buy it, or don’t. But, death will still come.

It will come when you’re having the time of your life with those you love or it will come at a routine doctor’s appointment. The worst part is, once death pays its visit, that’s it. You can’t buy coverage after you’re dead and you certainly can’t buy it once you’ve been diagnosed with anything terminal.

My hope is that by sharing my pain, you’ll better understand why life insurance is worth every penny.

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