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A Little Life Insurance Humor

Here's some life insurance humor.

By McKenzy Bowers | September 21, 2012

Life insurance…funny? Here’s a little life insurance humor to brighten your day.

To commemorate Life Insurance Awareness Month this September, nothing works as well as life insurance awareness messages from our peers around the world through advertisements and stories we’ve collected from the World Wide Web. And to mark the start of a great week, we’ve kept it real(ly funny)! Here’s to beating the Monday morning blues with a good dose of humor. And of course, we hope you realize that a life insurance policy can give you peace of mind even in situations of great despair. Call us at AccuQuoteif you’re looking for help with life insurance shopping, we’ll be happy to help! Hey, a little life insurance humor never hurt anyone.


We’ve all heard of insurance claims that should never have been paid. But what if you were willing to camp out Castaway style just to make sure your claim was as legitimate as it could get? John Darwin is also known as the “Canoe Man” because he did just that. For a life insurance policy worth £680,000 he faked his own death by paddling into the sea in his canoe on a stormy day. He disappeared, and had his wife promptly collect on the policy. In the mean time, Darwin was camping by the beach in a full-grown beard so that none of his friends would recognize him. They bought a house in Panama with the proceeds from the policy, and lived there for 6 years. When he tried to move back to his original town, he said he had no recollection of the event and what happened after. Until a photograph showed up of him and his wife buying the house in Panama. For more stories on ridiculous claims on insurance, check out http://visual.ly/most-dodgy-insurance-claims

Wise words

What’s the one piece of advice you couldn’t do without if you went to buy life insurance on your own? Find out here at http://www.creators.com/comics/1/14160_thumb.gif

Tough to choose!

With so many options for life insurance out there, how are a bunch of home video makers going to help you easily find the cheapest life insurance policy for really, really cheap? It doesn’t get cheaper than their quote. Did we say it was really cheap? Check them out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imiEq3PzB4k

How long should my policy last for?

Amy was discussing the various features of a new life insurance policy, and possible outcomes for collection of death benefit with the family’s life insurance agent. She leaned forward when he started to list some important clauses she should be aware of, and asked, “Suppose I take the life insurance for my husband today and tomorrow he dies? What will I get?” The agent eyed her suspiciously and replied, “Probably 20 to life.”

We’re always going to be around

And here is a collection of hilarious videos from Centraal Beheer, the largest insurance company in the Netherlands. Centraal Beheer is also referred to as Apeldoorn, the city in which is it headquartered. Known for their funny commercials on life insurance for over fifteen years, the videos are humorous shorts that last only a few seconds, usually ending with the phrase “Even Apeldoorn bellen” or “Just call Apeldoorn.” How’s that for life insurance humor? (And it’s exactly why it tops our list of funny shorts, because they’re universal claims for the life insurance cause…you don’t need to know Dutch in order to enjoy them! Happy watching!)

If you’re looking for help with life insurance, take a look at our website online and the articles and resources available online for you to use. Don’t put off life insurance shopping for later because there’s no telling when late is too late. Even if you looked at the cost of a low-key funeral these days, family that you’ll leave behind will spend nothing less than $7000 out of their own pockets. If you’re a part of a young, growing family that needs as much assistance as it can get, you should be looking at 8 years of income replacement at the very least. Don’t leave your family in a pickle; do the right thing today.  Affordable life insurance quotes shopping is just a click away!

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