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What Are My Life Insurance Agent’s Motives?

By Byron Udell | June 19, 2015

Insurance Agent Honesty and Ethics

At AccuQuote, our motives are clear and our mission is simple.  We are dedicated to communicating the importance of life insurance to as many people as possible.  We strive to be the best source of advice and helpful information on life insurance you can find.

That’s why a Gallup poll I recently saw really bugged me.  In a survey about honesty and ethical standards, 36% of people scored insurance agents as “low or very low” in this area.  Only 15% of respondents gave agents a “high or very high” score.  (As a point of reference, 10% gave members of Congress a “high or very high” ranking.)

I am aware that some people think of life insurance agents as an irritation, but these numbers really surprised me.  I’ve known thousands of insurance professionals over the years, and I’ve employed hundreds of them.  By and large, they are high-integrity professionals.

Have you ever wondered why life insurance agents do what they do?

The vast majority of life insurance agents wake up in the morning and thinks about protecting families.  Period.

EVERY AccuQuote agent wakes up thinking about that.  I am 100% certain about this. I wouldn’t allow them to work here if that wasn’t the case.

Many of them have personally experienced the amazing impact of life insurance.  Many of them have seen the devastation that occurs when a loved one passes away without coverage…

Our agents are advisors, not high-pressure sales people.  They will never rush you into making a hasty decision, and they’ll never advise you to take action they don’t believe is in your best interest.  They are not looking to make a quick sale and never speak with you again.  (In fact, we even serve customers who DIDN’T buy insurance from us!)

When you become a customer, the AccuQuote agents becomes your advisors FOR LIFE.

The premature death of a spouse or parent, or even a business partner, can cause a financial disaster for the survivors.  We’re committed to making it as simple and easy as possible to get the life insurance you need to protectthe people you leave behind.

Those are the motives that drive our insurance agents.

We believe that life insurance is the most important product in the history of mankind.  It’s our job to spread the word. And we take that job seriously.

We only work with highly rated insurance companies – brand names you trust. You may be able to save money without sacrificing quality and strength.