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[VIDEO] Buying Whole Life Insurance for Kids!

group of multicultural kids playing and running

By McKenzy Bowers | November 21, 2018

It might seem morbid to consider life insurance for a kid, but it’s really the best time to buy. Here’s the deal, kids are young and healthy – a combination that makes life insurance insanely affordable. But that’s not the only benefit! Whole life insurance for kids can be paid over a shorter period, has…

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[VIDEO] How to Win the Game of Life Insurance!

miss life insurance winning with a crown and flowers

By McKenzy Bowers | November 19, 2018

You might think life insurance carriers are just greedy behemoths who take your money…they are, after all, for-profit. But, all hope is not lost! Your life insurance coverage is important and you need to keep your family protected. No need to worry. There’s a way you can really stick it to those life insurance carriers – ya know,…

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How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

hands counting change on a tablecloth

By McKenzy Bowers | November 9, 2018

You’ve probably known someone who passed away with no coverage or, perhaps, a policy that barely covered the cost of the funeral. Maybe $10,000 or $20,000. That’s okay, assuming that’s all she wanted to cover. But for most people, the loss of a loved one leaves behind financial obligations far beyond just funeral expenses. No…

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3 Reasons People Put-Off Buying Life Insurance

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By McKenzy Bowers | November 8, 2018

About half of the adults in the US own life insurance.   The other half doesn’t.   Some don’t need it. And others who arguably DO need it… don’t WANT it.   It’s a free country.   There’s obviously no law that says we must care about our families, but the fact is… most of us DO! So why…

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4 Reasons Why a 20-Something Should Have Life Insurance

three young people jumping up

By McKenzy Bowers | October 17, 2018

You’ve already come up with a bunch of reasons why not to get coverage, but the truth is life insurance isn’t for the dead, it’s for the living. You might think you’re too young for life insurance and maybe you’re right, but let’s first take a look at the reasons why a 20-something should have…

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[VIDEO] Life Insurance: Should You Buy Term Then Invest?

dollar bill with white brick background

By McKenzy Bowers | September 28, 2018

Winning the game of life insurance is easy when you’re clear on the facts. That includes choosing the coverage that most closely aligns with your financial plan. This topic has earned more than just a couple minutes of your time – so sit back and learn. Seriously, Byron is crazy knowledgeable. Prefer to read? Scroll…

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[VIDEO] Disability Insurance Myths and Facts

Young girl in a wheelchair

By McKenzy Bowers | September 6, 2018

Researching disability insurance facts and myths can be maddening. There’s a ton of information and you know the coverage is important, but need the facts to make the best choice. Well, wipe your brow and take a deep breath – we’ve made it easy in just 1 minute and 19 seconds. It’s seriously simple. So chill out…

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[VIDEO] What Life Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

women telling secret

By McKenzy Bowers | August 24, 2018

We all know life insurance companies make plenty of money and you’re probably thinking “Why the #$@&% would I make someone richer!?” – we get it.  So, how can you actually win this game? What are the life insurance secrets? Well, spend some minutes with Byron – our life insurance veteran – and learn the secrets…

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[VIDEO] Universal Life Insurance. What is it?

colorful umbrellas hanging

By McKenzy Bowers | August 23, 2018

Universal Life insurance coverage is for your entire life and can be crazy flexible! Flexible premiums, adjustable death benefit, build cash value and lapse protection – crazy good stuff right?  Check out this super short video and learn more about how universal life might just be the perfect fit for your life. Your Universal Life Premium…

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[VIDEO] Shopping for Life Insurance. Where to begin?

question mark in hall

By McKenzy Bowers | August 21, 2018

You have lots of questions before you commit to buying anything. But, where do you begin when shopping for life insurance? How do you even know you’re getting the best deal? What questions should you ask? Shopping for life insurance doesn’t have to be painful. The secret is to be armed with the facts –…

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