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Quitting Smoking Lowers Life Insurance Rates

By Byron Udell | August 5, 2013

If you’re annoyed that smokers pay more for life insurance, there’s a simple solution…quit! Think life insurance for smokers is expensive? Smokers end up paying at least two times more than their healthier, non-smoking counterparts in life insurance premiums. Yes, we said at least. There is no leeway when it comes to smoking and the life…

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Smoking Sends Your Life Insurance Premiums Sky High

By Byron Udell | April 18, 2012

Think smoking is cool? You know what’s NOT cool? Paying sky-high smokers rates for life insurance. Although movies make smoking look really cool…and let’s be honest, it makes gangsters look pretty intimidating…the habit is nothing but a disaster. Not only does it literally suck the years out of your life, you endanger others with the…

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