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heart disease

Can Being Pre-Diabetic Stop You from Getting Life Insurance?

Find out about pre-diabetic life insurance options.

By Byron Udell | July 26, 2017

If your blood sugar levels are slightly elevated, should this be a red flag regarding your health? Could these pre-diabetic levels affect your chances of getting life insurance? Learn more about pre-diabetic life insurance options. For starters, let’s talk about your health. How are you feeling these days? Are you taking care of yourself? Are…

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Even With Heart Disease, You Can Still Get Life Insurance

You can get life insurance, even if you've had heart disease.

By Byron Udell | March 3, 2016

Can you get life insurance if you have some history of heart disease? The answer might surprise you. Find out more about heart disease life insurance options. Medical science is so cool. A century ago, our average life expectancy was about 50 years. Now add 25 more and we’re up to date. That quarter-century longevity…

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