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Listen to What Danica Patrick Says About Life Insurance

By Byron Udell | October 13, 2016

200 million people know why professional race car driver Danica Patrick thinks life insurance is so important. Shouldn’t YOU?

Danica Patrick, professional race car driver

As a professional race car driver, Danica Patrick lives with the unexpected every day. When you make your living driving at speeds of 200 miles an hour, you know that death can potentially lurk around every hairpin turn. So Danica decided to add another “safety” item to her racing regimen – life insurance.

Yes, life insurance. Why? Let’s ask Danica. “Most people don’t drive racecars for a living, so I think it’s probably easy for them to put off getting live insurance,” she says. “You think you have time. You’re not expecting anything to happen, but it can.”

Recently, Danica became the national spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness Month 2016, in conjunction with well-known non-profit organization, Life Happens.

Danica learned early on how important having life insurance can be. Both of her parents lost their fathers, when they were teenagers. And unfortunately, neither family had life insurance. “They (her parents) wanted to make sure, based on their experience, that we would be take care of if something happened to them,” she said. “That certainly stuck with me.”

Danica knows firsthand that life insurance can help families cope with the loss of a parent or spouse by providing a much-needed financial safety net when they need it most. “When it comes to life insurance, think about it this way: If you were to pass away, it’s going to be awful for those left behind,” Danica says. “Get life insurance. It’s affordable. It’s doable and it’s the right thing to do for your family.”

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