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Life Insurance Prepares Families for Life’s “What Ifs”

Coleen Stokes has a story about why life insurance is so important.

By McKenzy Bowers | June 7, 2017

Summer Stokes was a bright young 22-year old woman with her whole future ahead of her. Thinking about that future prompted her to buy life insurance. Then tragedy struck. Listen to Coleen Stokes talks about her daughter…and why life insurance is so important.

Coleen Stokes’ daughter, Summer, was hard-working and very independent. She went to college full-time and also worked as a waitress. Her goal was to become a doctor and help people. At her young age, she already owned her own home and car.

Summer got pregnant in 2007. Her insurance agent suggested that since she was expecting, now might be a good time to get some life insurance. When Summer went to her mother for advice, Coleen told her to wait, because she knew her daughter was living on a tight budget. But Summer was determined to protect her unborn child with life insurance. And since she was young and healthy, her agent was able to get her a policy at a very affordable rate.

Sadly, just nine months after her son, Nathan, was born, Summer was tragically hit by a car and killed, while walking near her home. She was only 22 years old.

“I was very proud of Summer for having bought this life insurance policy because it made life easier at a time of tragedy like this for Coleen and I to plan her funeral, take care of debt.” says Dannon Stokes, Summer’s stepfather. “It was a godsend.”

With the death benefit from Summer’s life policy, the family was able to pay their daughter’s funeral expenses and other outstanding financial obligations.

That’s the gift of life insurance. It can turn pennies into dollars when those left behind need the financial help the most.

Losing a loved one at such a young age is a sobering thing. “There’s no promise of a tomorrow,” says Coleen. “There are no guarantees. You have to prepare for those ‘what ifs.’”

For all the uncertainties of life, having life insurance really can help families move on.

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