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Danica Patrick Knows Race Cars and Life Insurance

By McKenzy Bowers | February 24, 2017

Danica Patrick, spokesperson for life insurance awareness month

Professional NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is competing in this year’s Daytona 500 race. Race car drivers live with risk every day. That’s why Danica is a strong believer in life insurance. Because you never know.

This Sunday is the 59th running of the Daytona 500. Professional race car driver Danica Patrick is one of the 40 drivers competing in this annual full-throttle, high-velocity racing event in Daytona Beach, Florida. Not only is Danica a skilled racing competitor, but she’s also a strong advocate for…life insurance.

Why? Because Danica knows firsthand how important life insurance is. “My parents made a point to instill responsibility in both my sisters and me at a young age, to avoid the financial hardship they had endured as kids,” Danica said. Both her parents lost their fathers when they were kids. Neither family had insurance. In face, Danica’s grandmother had to sell the family farm to pay off debts. Having a policy in place could have prevented that tragic event.

Danica’s parents encouraged all their children to save money for a rainy day…and buy life insurance. That’s why Danica is a proud spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness Month, which takes place every September, and is coordinated by the non-profit organization Life Happens. AccuQuote is proud to be working with Life Happens, to encourage more people to own life insurance.

Off the track, Danica practices what she preaches. Because she’s in a profession that’s rather high on risk, Danica believes in protecting one’s self and family to the max. “I may have a risky job that not many people feel that they can relate to,” she says. “But the greatest risk of all is not having life insurance to take care of your loved ones should something happen to you. It’s a risk that no one should take.”

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