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Amy McNeely – Protection is Paramount

Amy McNeely knows the value of life insurance firsthand.

By McKenzy Bowers | March 22, 2016

Amy McNeely lost her husband way too soon. Luckily the family had bought more life insurance when their kids were born. That coverage helped keep the family together.

Sam McNeely was a big man with a big heart. Everybody loved him. His wife, Amy, fell in love with him because of his kindness and playful sense of humor. Sam had a great job, with good benefits, including life insurance. But was that life insurance going to be enough to take of the needs of a growing family? Ask Amy McNeely.

Within a year of getting married, Sam and Amy discovered that they were going to be parents. It was Amy who encouraged Sam to get additional life insurance to accommodate the needs of their growing family. She was also concerned that if Sam changed jobs, they would lose their existing coverage. Having their own separate life insurance just seemed like the smart thing to do.

They contacted Sam’s cousin, Juli, who was a licensed insurance professional, to make it all happen. The happy couple got additional coverage and took out a new policy on Amy as well. She wanted to make sure that if something happened to her, Sam and their daughter would be financially taken care of.

What Amy could have never foreseen, was that it would be Sam who left the world too soon.

A few years later, Amy got the phone call that every spouse dreads. Sam felt sick at work and was rushed to the hospital. He suffered an aortic dissection and died that day. Sam was just 38 years old.

The additional life insurance proved to be a godsend for Amy and her daughter. Juli was able to invest the proceeds of Sam’s life insurance wisely, so Amy could stay home and care for her daughter, without stress or worry.

As they say: “It pays to think ahead.” Sam and Amy did. And as it turned out, it was the best investment they ever made.

To hear more about Amy’s story, watch this video. Video courtesy of Life Happens (www.lifehappens.org).

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