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Do You Know What Your Homeowners Insurance Covers?

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By McKenzy Bowers | February 15, 2011

If you don’t know what your homeowners insurance covers and what it doesn’t, you should find out BEFORE something happens, not after.

The dangerous and costly winter weather this year, especially in the Midwest where AccuQuote’s Wheeling, IL office is located, has made many owners wonder exactly what is covered in their homeowners insurance policy – and what is not.

The hazardous winter weather that has swept across the country is making many people wonder about their hazard insurance policy and what it covers. The conditions have brought dangerous ice, heavy snow and freezing cold temperatures. These factors can cause injury to people and damage to property, which is why it is important to know what is included in coverage.

This winter’s weather has caused hazardous and expensive problems in many areas. People have experienced roof collapses from heavy snowfall and water damage from frozen pipes. These issues are generally covered by most basic homeowners insurance plans. However, there may be some exceptions. If a home is left vacant and the water is not shut off, a policy may not cover the resulting damage. A homeowner should check their policy and properly prepare their house if it will be left unattended for an extended period of time, suggests HomeownersInsurance.net.

Falls on slippery ice are common during winter months. Typically, homeowners insurance has liability coverage that will pay for the financial damages for most injuries occurring on a covered person’s property. Limits do vary and a homeowner should work with an agent to assess their risk to determine the appropriate level of liability coverage.

If an individual does fall due to ice in front of a home and decides to sue, whether it is covered by the policy of the property owner also depends upon the local snow removal statues. Some require by law that the maintenance of the sidewalk in front of a house is the responsibility of the owner. In this case, the homeowners insurance policy will then be in effect.

If a homeowners insurance claim needs to be made, the owner should take pictures before any clean up or repairs. A home inventory should be made before a claim. This is a detailed list of the personal property in and around the home. In addition to a list, owners should keep receipts for big ticket items, and make a photo log or a video recording of all the items in the home. A copy of this record should be kept in a safe place outside of the home.

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