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Can I Get Life Insurance if I’m Not a U.S. Citizen?

Is there life insurance for non-U.S. citizens?

By Byron Udell | May 9, 2017

Is there life insurance for non-U.S. citizens? For the surprising answer, read on.

[Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published on December 1, 2006. The content has been updated.]

Here’s a question we’re asked every once in a while here at AccuQuote: “Can I get life insurance if I am not a U.S. citizen?”

The short answer is…yes. You may qualify for a life insurance policy here in the U.S., but only if you have a Green Card or Permanent Visa.  Most carriers also require that you have been living in the United States for at least 2 years. If you have been in the U.S. for less than one year, carriers will classify you as a “Non-Resident,” even if you are in the process of applying for a visa.

A non-resident can potentially be approved for a “best class offer,” but the offer will come with certain stipulations attached. Here’s a few pieces of information that you will have to provide when you’re applying for life insurance as a non-U.S. resident:

1) Date of birth
2) Country of origin
3) Length of current U.S. stay
4) Current U.S. state that you’re living in
5) Future travel plans in the next 12 months
6) Expiration date of current visa

In addition, some carriers also look at your economic ties to U.S,, such as a job, family, home, or business ownership.

When applying for coverage, in addition to presenting a copy of your green card or visa documents, you will most likely need to submit a W-8 or W-9 tax form (carriers will need this form to collect information about your country of origin and further information regarding your work history in the U.S.).

In short, if you are looking for life insurance and are not a U.S. citizen, you can get coverage, providing that you have the proper documentation. And you should shop around as insurance carriers underwriting guidelines vary.

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