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Byron’s Book Club – “Triggers”

Byron Udell reviews

By McKenzy Bowers | May 15, 2017

In this latest edition of Byron’s Book Club, Byron Udell, Founder and CEO of AccuQuote, reviews Triggers by Joseph Sugarman.

Think being super in sales is easy? Think it’s just about having a perky personality and projecting a positive attitude? Think again. While learning how to excel at selling is not brain surgery, knowing a thing or two about how your noggin works can pay huge dividends. That’s why I recommend “Triggers” for your reading pleasure.

For the record, your brain processes information faster than a speeding bullet. Researchers recently have published a study that asserts that the brain can interpret images in as little as 13 milliseconds. That’s 13 one-hundredths of a second! That’s how fast the brain reacts physiologically to stimuli. But what about emotionally? Can one create customized ads that can cut through the clutter and reach the customers that would be most receptive to your client’s products? You bet.

In his 2014 best-seller, “Triggers: 30 Sales Tools You Can Use to Control the Mind of Your Prospect to Motivate, Influence and Persuade” (DelStar Books, $19.95), super-salesman and master marketer Joseph Sugarman describes in succinct, eye-catching chapters, what he considers to be the top psychological “triggers” that can motivate, influence and persuade your potential customers.

A direct marketing copywriter with over three decades of experience, Sugarman says in his book that sometimes a trigger (a specific phrase designed to generate an actionable response in the reader) can boost sales significantly. In fact, “changing just a few words at the end of a thousand-word ad doubled the response,” says Sugarman.

I don’t want to give away any of the secret sauce (each “trigger” is worth its weight in gold), but I can assure you that each of these marketing insights is worth the price of the book, believe me.

“Triggers” is a must read for any marketer, from rookie to seasoned pro. And the book is by no means dry. Sugarman peppers the chapters with witty anecdotes from his long career that help bring his “triggers” to life. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

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