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Byron’s Book Club – “Life’s Missing Instruction Manual”

Byron Udell reviews

By McKenzy Bowers | December 6, 2017

In this latest edition of Byron’s Book Club, Byron Udell, Founder and CEO of AccuQuote, reviews “Life’s Missing Instruction Manual” by Joe Vitale.

Don’t you sometimes wish that there was some common-sense, down-to-earth “guide to life” out there? I don’t mean some pie-in-the-sky, new-agey, eat-more-kale kind of book. I mean a book that simply tells it like it is.

“Life’s Missing Instruction Manual: The Guidebook You Should Have Been Given at Birth” by Joe Vitale (John Wiley & Sons ©2006) is packed with his personal observations on life, mixed with the insights of other well-known philosophers and life-lessons experts. This book is truly a “manual” for finding more fulfillment and purpose in life.

Using allegories, fables, and personal observations, Vitale weaves a thoroughly entertaining journey into what makes us all tick, and how we can maximize our happiness here on Earth.

Among his observations:

• “See life for what it is. Realize you have control only over your time piece of the overall puzzle. Realize that, when you fit your tiny piece into the overall plan, it is there for the good of all.”

• “You’ll find this hard to believe at first, but everything in your life is a projection from the shadow side of your own mind.”

• “At times in your life, you will become confused. It’s okay. Confusion is the wonderful state right before clarity.”

Vitale preaches that you can control your thoughts and actions, without too much heavy-lifting. In short, he passionately believes that we all have the power to control our own destinies.

Just as your body requires food, your mind requires focus. Vitale argues that being happy is a conscious choice, not some unattainable, abstract concept. In short, happiness can be achieved by sheer force of will. How much heavy lifting is involved is entirely up to each individual.

Sounds like a lot of work, right? Not true. This book is a joy to read. Trust me, like a good workout, you’ll feel invigorated after you read this book. It’s the ultimate training manual for the soul.

“Life’s Missing Instruction Manual” is a book that I often keep by my side. Sometimes I’ll just open it to a random page and discover a pearl of wisdom that’s truly useful. I highly recommend this book.

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