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Buying Life Insurance Easier Than Getting to the Final Four

It's easier to get life insurance than get to the Final Four.

By McKenzy Bowers | March 13, 2017

This Tuesday starts the annual, time-honored NCAA Basketball Tournament, known as “March Madness.” In the Division 1 Men’s tourney, 68 teams will vie for this prized championship trophy. For the next few weeks, hundreds of college athletes from all across America will fight to make it to the Final Four on April 1st (and they ain’t gonna be April foolin’ around). But buying life insurance ain’t that hard.

Qualifying for this big tournament is not easy. Thirty-two teams gain access by their winning records, but the other 36 teams are selected by a committee process that can be rather complicated and unpredictable.

So getting into the Final Four is not easy. But, by comparison, getting life insurance is way easier. And winning this “game” will pay dividends for decades to come.

Winning the game of life insurance

To “win” the game, you don’t have to be a young, super-athlete to take home the big prize. All you have to do is know these six little words: DIE WITH YOUR POLICY IN FORCE. So what does that mean? It means that if you pay your premiums…so your policy is force when your die…your family WINS. Your loved ones “win” because your policy’s death benefit will financially help those left behind start to rebuild their lives, and the death benefit amount is almost always a huge amount of money, relative to the total of the premiums you may have paid during your life!

And like the fast-paced game of basketball, you can “score” fast. Gone are the days when an insurance agent came to your home, and you sat at the kitchen table for hours, trying to decide which type of life insurance was right for you.

No more three-hour kitchen table face-off

Yes, times have changed. No more three-hour kitchen table face-off with one life insurance agent. And instead of seeing products from just one insurance company, you can now see policies from a myriad of carriers all at one time…on-line or on the phone. What could be easier?

And technology has come a long way. Life insurance calculators can now make it easy for you to determine how much life insurance you need…very fast (how’s that a quick lay-up?)

Though you’ll probably never compete in the Big Game, you CAN win this game. All you have to do is remember those six little words I mentioned earlier. That’s how you can stop the “madness” of being uninsured.

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If you want to learn more about “winning the game,” watch this video.

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