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15 Most Unusual New Year’s Resolutions

15 Most Unusual New Year's resolutions.

By McKenzy Bowers | December 22, 2017

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Typically, in early January, millions of Americans struggle with fulfilling a serious and sacred mission…sticking to their New Year’s resolutions. As many before them have learned, this mission is no cakewalk.

Oh, the tragedy of it. One of the biggest celebratory days of the year…New Year’s Eve…is followed almost immediately by…one of the most daunting challenges life throws one’s way: Making and keeping one’s New Year’s resolutions.

Trust me. Tougher people than you have buckled under the pressure of this immense task. Keeping New Year’s resolutions ain’t easy. We’ve all heard their valiant and well-intentioned goals. This will be the year that they…lose 30 pounds…quit smoking…eat healthier..write a German opera…you name it.

However, some people have come up with some rather unconventional New Year’s resolutions. These 15 New Year’s resolutions were so unique, we thought we would share them with you:

1) “Get a passport. Not to travel, just to own a passport.” (from Parenting.com)
2) “Turn off Tinder and try to talk to people in real life.” (from Metro News)
3) “Wave to fellow motorists at 4-way stops.” (from USA Today)
4) “Stop inserting slightly incorrect facts into Wikipedia entries.” (from Parenting.com)
5) “Go to work without a hangover at least twice a week.” (from Metro News)
6) “Collect airsick bags from every major airline.” (from USA Today)
7) “Just look at your bank balance – refusing to doesn’t mean you have more money.” (from Metro News)
8) “To randomly sew one sequin onto every piece of clothing you own.” (from Mashable.com)
9) “Delete the Facebook app from your phone and only log in to check it once a day.” (from Metro News)
10) “To be able to finish a burrito from Chipotle.” (from Mashable.com)
11) “Try extreme ironing.” (from USA Today)
12) “To find someone to kiss besides my dog.” (from Mashable.com)
13) “Learn a decent party trick.” (from Real Buzz.com)
14) “Knit more sweaters for freezing trees.” (from USA Today)
15) “Never by accident walk in on my dad cleaning the shower naked ever again.” (from Mashable.com)

Hopefully, these unique resolution ideas will inspire you to think outside the box. And if your box is full of cookies, candies, and other cakes, you should throw that box away…and buy a box of quinoa. (Hey, someone has to.)

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