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A Term Life Insurance Secret You May Not Know About

Do you know the amount of your policy's death benefits?

By McKenzy Bowers | June 18, 2014

Term Conversion – Converting your Term Life Insurance

Converting your term life insurance to a permanent policy can help you win the game of life insurance. Learn more about policy term conversion options.

Term life Insurance policies generally contain an option known as convertibility.  Assuming your policy includes this term conversion feature and has not yet expired, you’re allowed to convert your existing term life policy or a portion of it to a permanent one.  This new policy will have LEVEL PREMIUMS for the rest of your life.  In other words, you’ll never see your life insurance rates go up again!

Plus, the ability to convert your policy (if you’re eligible) is guaranteed, even if you’ve had a change in health.  The beauty of convertibility is that there are no hassles and no medical questions or exams required.  The new premium will be higher but it will remain the same for the rest of your life!  If you don’t convert and let your term policy expire and buy another life insurance policy, you’ll end up paying much more in the long run.  That’s where the savings come in!

Making the change is so easy…just speak with our experienced Policy Review Team to find out if you’re eligible, and request a premium comparison between your existing term life insurance and a new permanent policy.  Call us at 800-442-9899.

VALUE is what we’re about here at AccuQuote. We’ve been committed to helping our clients obtain superior products at the best price for over three decades. If you’re interested in converting your term life insurance into a permanent policy, we can show you the best way to do it and save you money to boot. AccuQuote offers Term Life Insurance Quotes from the top-rated, brand-name insurance companies you know and trust. We’d be glad to help you get the best term life insurance rates.

To find out more about what a policy review is, how it works and whether or not you need one in the near future (chances are you do!), check out the short video below.

We only work with highly rated insurance companies – brand names you trust. You may be able to save money without sacrificing quality and strength.