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District of Columbia Life Insurance

Getting life insurance in DC

Buying a life insurance policy may be one of the smartest moves you ever make. If you live in Washington D.C. and you’re thinking about getting life insurance coverage, AccuQuote can help you find the best values in the market.

Our software compares the prices, features and financial strength of dozens of life insurance policies to find the lowest rates that may be available for you. Since 1986, we’ve given free quotes to hundreds of thousands of people. It’s been our privilege to help people all over the country choose the right life insurance product for their needs.

Benefits of District of Columbia Life Insurance

The State Insurance Code of District of Columbia regulates the life insurance industry in the district. The code safeguards the interests of anyone purchasing life insurance in D.C. through provisions such as:

Free Look: Under the State Insurance Code of the District of Columbia, every life insurance plan must contain a “free look” provision. This enables you to cancel your policy even if you have signed a contract and have received all policy documents from the life insurance company. Most companies will give a 10-day period for cancellation of the policy, but some may even extend this “free look” period to 30 days.

Grace Period: Life insurance companies must provide a 30-day grace period to insurance holders who miss a payment before canceling their policy.

Life insurance companies have the right to protect themselves against consumer fraud, too. They may challenge any information reported on the application for up to two years from the effective date of the policy. The policy can be terminated if any discrepancy is found.

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