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Finance Expert Terry Savage Talks Life Insurance

By Byron Udell | May 19, 2015

Personal Finance Guru Terry Savage Talks Life Insurance in the News, On the Web, TV and Radio

For more than two decades, I’ve been helping personal finance expert and nationally syndicated columnist Terry Savage spread the word about life insurance.

Terry is a friend, but she’s also one of the people in the media who gets it right when it comes to covering and reporting on life insurance.  She educates her readers, listeners and viewers (yes, she has all three, as she’s now part of the Tribune Content Agency; this means she’ll still be seen on WGN TV, she’ll still be heard on WGN Radio, and now she can be read in the Chicago Tribune and other outlets).

What I really like about Terry, who is a best-selling author, is that she makes life insurance very simple for her audience to understand.  And she does this while still conveying how important it is.

This time, Terry tells us 5 things to know about term life insurance.  She cites AccuQuote and quotes me.  Read the piece in the Tribune (if you can’t access because of a pay wall, read it on Huffington Post).  Listen to her talk about life insurance recently on WGN Radio.  And watch her a couple weeks ago on WGN TV’s top rated morning show.

Here’s a quick video covering a few key things to keep in mind when buying term life insurance policy.

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