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Kiplinger’s Trusts AccuQuote. Shouldn’t You?

By Byron Udell | August 7, 2015

Which company should YOU buy your life insurance from? Ask Kiplinger’s.

I’ve always said you should buy your life insurance from the person or company that gives you the best advice.

Obviously, I hope you choose to do business with us.

If you are a savvy consumer—and if you read this blog, you probably are—then you’re likely familiar with Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine.  Kiplinger’s is, simply put, a premier personal finance publication and its staff is full of experts.

So when it comes to matters of retirement, investing, saving, and insurance, people trust Kiplinger’s.

And Kiplinger’s trusts US!  Kiplinger’s personal finance magazine often calls on me and AccuQuote for rate information, quotes, and an experienced opinion when writing about life insurance.

In fact, in the current (August) issue, four pages (pages 40-43) are committed to life insurance, and AccuQuote is part of the coverage.  Read the THREE stories here, here and here.

If the personal finance experts at Kiplinger’s use AccuQuote for guidance when it comes to life insurance, shouldn’t you?

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