Critical Illness Insurance

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It could happen to you

Do you know anyone who has suffered from cancer, a heart attack or a stroke? The answer is probably yes.

Do you know how financially debilitating a critical illness can be? The answer might be no, so stop and think about that for a second. Emergency fund? Gone. Savings? Get ready to dip in. Money set aside for retirement? You'll probably need to access these funds as well.

We know, we know, it won't happen to you. But how many who experience a critical illness actually see it coming?!?

What is it?

Critical illness insurance (also referred to as catastrophic illness insurance) pays a lump sum benefit upon the first confirmed diagnosis of any one of the covered illnesses or the resulting medical procedures. You may be eligible to collect the benefit more than once, if you are diagnosed with multiple conditions.

A critical illness policy can be purchased to complement your existing health and/or disability insurance plan.

Why buy critical illness coverage?

The answer is simple -so you're fully prepared (financially) in case a serious illness strikes.

And so you're not a burden on your family.

When a critical illness strikes, your loved ones are bound to be disturbed by the emotional and financial burden that comes with it.

With advancements in technology and medicine making for greater rates of survival in cases of cancer and heart attacks, there's more reason to think about your financial future after diagnosis. That's where critical illness insurance comes in.

What factors could cause a critical illness?

Why do you need this if you already have medical coverage?

Even if you have health insurance, there are other costs associated with a severe medical diagnosis (needs that standard medical insurance doesn't cover). Needless to say, a critical illness brings with it financial and emotional stress.

The benefit dollars can be used for things like:

What does critical illness insurance cover?

Most plans pay in the event of the following:

What if you're young and/or healthy and plan on staying that way?

Who plans on getting sick or hurt?!? No one.

While none of us want to think about any of this, the reality is stark when you look at these numbers:

What other information and key features are there?


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