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You are in excellent overall health with no history of drug or alcohol abuse. You have a good driving record and don’t engage in hazardous activities. There’s no history of heart disease (sometimes cancer) among your parents or siblings prior to their age 60.
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You are in pretty good overall health, have a good driving record, and you don’t participate in any hazardous activities. You may have some family history of heart disease or cancer and have some minor health issues.
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  • Your annual income before tax: $

    Annual income is an important factor in determining your needs, but it's not the only one. When you die, your life insurance is like your final paycheck.

  • % of income needed by your dependents: %

    Because you'll be gone, presumably they won't need as much as you're currently earning.  Typically, 80% of your current income is a good place to start.

  • Your age: years

    The younger you are, the more years of your income your family stands to lose when you die.

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  • Number of years benefits are needed:  

    If you die tomorrow, how many years of income do you want to provide for your family?

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  • Annual inflation rate (estimate):  %

    Because of inflation, in order to maintain your family's current standard of living, you'll need to plan for increases in their annual income to keep pace.  Historically, inflation has averaged between 2% and 4%.

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  • Annual interest rate (estimate):   %

    This is an assumption as to how much you believe your spouse will be able to earn on the death benefit proceeds. We have found that most surviving spouses are usually very conservative in how they invest the death benefit.  The most common thing we see is that the money gets deposited into a bank account.  You know your spouse better than anyone.  Pick a number that you feel your spouse will be able to comfortably earn on the proceeds.

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  • Based on the information you provided, you need about to replace your income for the next years.

    So this is the amount of insurance that you really should have, but it's equally important that you get a policy that you can afford to keep. Our recommendation is to click the continue button below, finish the quote form and start with an amount somewhere near this number. With today's historically low rates, you may be surprised at how affordable it is. You can then use the options right above your quote results to make adjustments, if you like.

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Take a look at the chart below. Each year's income is adjusted to keep pace with inflation. And notice in the final year there is just enough money left to provide the final year of income for your family.
YearAgeInitial balanceIncome needed (at % inflation)Funds remainingInterest earned (at %)
This number is a reflection of what you plan on providing for your family over the next years and is the single most important number to consider when purchasing insurance. It's also the number that is underestimated the most often. Why? Because most people fail to realize how much they contribute to their families financially and seldom do they consider what it would actually take to replace their income. And let's be honest- replacing your income is really what life insurance is all about!
Any good news here? Life insurance rates have fallen dramatically over the past 20 years and the cost of coverage is actually 60% LOWER than it was in the mid 1990's! So while you probably need a whole lot more coverage than you may have thought, the cost will likely be a lot less than you thought it would be.
Anyway, here's how the numbers work:
You start with the policy's full benefit amount of . In the first year, is taken out for the purpose of replacing your income for your family. The remaining is invested, and earns money at the rate you specified (%). In the first year, you'd earn in interest, which would put you at to start the second year. In that second year, you'd take out (due to inflation) for your family as income. You'd earn interest again, on the remaining amount- you can likely see the pattern developing already.
We feel an ethical obligation as experienced professionals to make you aware of the numbers. But of course, in the end, the decision regarding the face amount is a personal one and we will obviously respect whatever decision you come up with as it relates to how much coverage to buy!

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