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Kansas Life Insurance

If you want to find the best values for Kansas life insurance policies, you’re going to have to do some comparison shopping. AccuQuote can help you evaluate the prices, features and financial strength of dozens of life insurance policies from top-rated life insurance companies. Since 1986, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people shop the market to find the best coverage for their unique circumstances.

Benefits of Kansas Life Insurance

The State Insurance Code of Kansas regulates the life insurance industry in the state. The code safeguards the interests of anyone purchasing a life insurance policy through provisions such as a grace period. Life Insurance companies must provide a 30-day grace period to insurance holders who miss a payment before canceling their policy.

Life insurance companies are also protected by state regulations and have the right to challenge any information that a consumer puts on the application for up to two years from the date the policy has been issued. If there is any discrepancy, the policy can be terminated immediately.

Life insurance companies may not pay benefits if death is due to suicide and the policy is less than two years old. In such a case, premiums paid up till that point will be paid to the beneficiary.

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