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Hawaii Life Insurance

No one likes to think about death. But purchasing a life insurance policy can provide the financial security your family would need if something were to happen to you. AccuQuote can help you compare the prices and features of hundreds of life insurance policies.

Since 1986, a few million people have trusted us to shop the market for them and help them find the best values in life insurance.

Benefits of Hawaii Life Insurance

The State Insurance Code of Hawaii protects the interests of anyone purchasing life insurance in the state of Hawaii. Protective measures include:

Processing of Death Benefits: All life insurance companies are required to settle death claims swiftly and within a reasonable period of time, which should be no longer than 30 days, provided all the paperwork is in order.

Grace Period: Life insurance companies must provide a 30-day grace period to insurance holders who miss a payment before canceling their policy.

In order to protect themselves from fraud, life insurance companies have the right to contest any information reported in the application for up to two years after a policy has been issued. Any misinformation given is grounds to terminate your policy.

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