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The best and easiest way ever to purchase life insurance. I know, I was a life insurance salesman for 9 years!
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Like most people these days, we are very busy. I am not sure we would have successfully completed the process of acquiring life insurance without AccuQuote.
-Lindsey E.
Vince was pleasant to speak to and provided me with a lot of useful information in regards to the type of insurance I was after. I ended my conversation feeling that the right choice was made.
-Roy W.
Excellent service and follow through. Proactive about keeping client alert of when lower rates are available without the client having to check in.
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I had a very positive experience working with everyone I was in touch with at AccuQuote. They explained the process to me and everything moved along quickly and as originally discussed.
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How it Works
Use our online tool to see the rates from over 25 leading insurers. If you want help, our agents can help you figure out what type of policy to get and how much insurance you need.
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Complete Application
2. Complete Application
When you’re ready, we can help you complete your application right over the phone. It generally takes only about 20 minutes.
Medical Exam
3. Medical Exam
Get a free medical exam in your home or office. It takes about 30 minutes. We’ll show you a few simple things you can do in the days prior to the exam to help you get the best possible rates. There are also no-exam policies available.
4. Underwriting
We submit your application to the insurance company, so they can evaluate it and calculate your premium. Then just sign all the papers, make your first payment, and you are covered!
Types of Life Insurance
Term Life the most popular form of insurance, because it is simple and inexpensive. You pick a benefit amount and how long you’d like to be covered - this is called your term, and it usually lasts 10, 20, 25 or 30 years - and you’re squared away. You pay the same price every year during your term. After your term, the price usually goes way up.

Permanent Life - Provides lifelong financial protection. These policies are generally designed to last forever as long as you pay your premiums. Some permanent policies may also accumulate cash value which you can access for any reason, including to pay college tuition, retirement funds, etc. Death benefits are usually tax-free, so are often used for estate planning purposes.
How Much Do I Need?
Most life insurance experts recommend that you purchase a policy worth 10-20 times your annual salary. But, the amount can vary a lot depending on your age, number of dependents, mortgage, and upcoming life events such as college, weddings, etc.

An Accuquote agent can help you figure our exactly how much you need. To get started get a quote, or call us on 800-442-9899

We only work with highly rated insurance companies – brand names you trust. You may be able to save money without sacrificing quality and strength.