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Your child’s future is your top priority. Well, buying life insurance for your little one has more benefits than you think. For starters, insurance is perhaps the best way to plan, prepare and protect against things that may have disturbing impacts in the near or distant future. But that’s not all. Apart from indemnifying you for the expenses in the unfortunate scenario of your child passing away, there are many bright sides to child life insurance.

It’s affordable

Child life insurance plans start at just $3 a month and offer up to $30,000 in coverage! The premium cost for a child would always be lower than that for an adult, so buying early makes sense.

Your child’s future is what matters the most, doesn’t it?

The financial future of your children or grandchildren is in your hands, at least until they grow up and start earning. Child life insurance is available for children ranging from 14 days to 25 years of age.

The worst case scenario

Covering costs linked to an unexpected loss (the passing away of your child) may be something you haven’t thought about. Final expenses (funeral/burial), taking time off work to deal with the loss, counseling or therapy for yourself, your spouse or surviving children, replacing the money spent on the deceased’s education, taking care of any pending healthcare bills, etc. might be some of the things you should consider if you have a child.

Locking in future insurability

You can never predict the future – your children could suffer from a chronic illness or develop a disability at a later stage in life, making it difficult to get life insurance when they’d need it the most. Buying insurance now could help ensure coverage for life. Moreover, if there’s a history of health issues in the family, there’s a good chance that it might affect your child’s insurability in the future.

How about driving this attractive accumulation vehicle?

The cash value of a child whole life insurance policy can be accessed in the future for expenses like tuition, buying a new house, a vehicle, etc. It is a source of liquidity – the cash value grows as your child grows up.

No medical exam

There are no medical examinations involved – just answer a couple of questions and you can buy a policy over the phone. Talk about being hassle free!

Only profits, no losses, no lapses

The rate of premiums never increases with age and the benefits promised by the policy never decrease. Coverage is guaranteed for life, regardless of changes in age, occupation or health conditions – as long as you keep paying the premiums on time!

Shop online

eCommerce is at its peak today. If you buy almost everything online, why should life insurance be any different? AccuQuote provides you the convenience of applying for a child life insurance policy online.

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