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Director of Marketing

Steven Lewis

AccuQuote and I have a history. Years ago I was on the other side of this relationship- I was an outside partner working with AccuQuote, specifically in Marketing! That made joining the team a pretty seamless transition. I spend my time here working with outside affiliates, looking for new partnerships to grow, and fulfilling the needs of our sales team by closely partnering with the sales department as well as the project management team.

As a Sales and Marketing professional with more than 25 years in the field I have seen it all! I have worked for several top resorts in the world and owned my own marketing agency. I am a motivated a self- starter and love the challenge of creating something new.

When I’m not here I am all about the adventure! I recently moved here from the west coast where my family is to be with my life partner, and I am proud to say she is the love of my life. Together we love to go out on day trips just to stumble upon new experiences. I’m a backyard BBQ and smoker enthusiast, and I love to explore new foods, I’m a BIG lover of experimenting and challenging my boundaries with food, especially culturally. I firmly believe food is one of the few things that can bring people together to share our differences.

I have a passion for stories, fictional or nonfiction, verbal or material, I love to buy a stranger a drink and learn their story and share mine. I believe that “your legacy” is the story you can tell, if your story is so good that others tell it- you have lived an extraordinary life! My favorite teams to root for are the LA Chargers, Seattle Mariners and Seattle Sounders and my favorite band is Queen.

I am a certified rescue swimmer, ice diver, and a Desert Storm Veteran honorably discharged from the US Coast Guard. My father is an exotic animal dealer that has been to 40+ countries and has taken me to every major zoo in the country, and when I was a kid I got to bring tigers to school for show and tell.

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