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More Customer Reviews

More Customer Reviews and Testimonials from Real AccuQuote Customers

“First learned about AccuQuote thru an article by Suze Orman online. Since I respect her opinion, I started this process requesting a series of quotes. The whole process has been easy, the agent was very easy to talk to and did not rush me or try to oversell the product. And, bottom line, we’re saving a lot of money while greatly increasing our coverage.” – David Globerson

“It was a pleasure working with my agent who helped me and explained every step of the way . He followed up on all my questions and was very professional in his job a true asset to your company.” – John Graham 11/9/2015

“Great communication and great product selection. Outstanding to work with. A++++” – Shawn Moore 11/12/2015


“Everyone I talked to was very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable of all the questions I had .Thanks Again.” – Rodney Matheny

“I am very pleased with my insurance coverage .it was the right choice I made with the help from accuquote.choosing this policy help me to save $100″ s of dollars. Thank you very much.” – Brenda Thompson 10/16/2015

Very prompt & polite. Always got the answers to any of my questions. Very happy with them.” – Theresa Negri 10/20/2015


“Especially helpful! Kudos to a great team who work very well together!” Jo Lee McClain 9/23/2015

“Made things pretty easy… very helpful and fun to speak with.” – Pamela Davis 10/19/2015

“What I liked was the extremely friendly response…left me without any questions…honest, friendly and helpful.” – William Drobny


“Since the start of the journey of find an insurance for me, your help was really wonderful and make me believe in people again, so thanks for everything.” – Marco Prado 11/9/2015

“A pleasure to do business with.” – Larry Wooten 11/6/2015


“Great from start to finish through this process, clearly everyone at AccuQuote was working hard to make sure my experience changing life insurance was seamless and stress-free. Thank you!” Jason Coston 11/6/2015

“Very knowledgeable and kind, finding me the best policy for my needs.” – Suzanne Jenkins 11/5/2015

“My agent was wonderful in his calling and getting back quickly. He was easily able to answer each question I had along the way in discussing my policy. He quieted concerns and was more than gentle and courteous in each of our conversations. Don’t lose him!” – Elizabeth J. Spear 11/5/2015


“Great resource that is easy to use and very helpful!” Carlos Padilla 10/28/2015

“My agent was very professional in every respect. He was courteous and answered all my questions directly. He followed up and made sure that I was satisfied.” – Erich Domitrovits 12/12/2015

“Yes the service was second to none. A pro. Thank you.” – Maati Cherqaoui 12/12/2015

“Everything went smoothly.”Teri LeHew 12/1/2015

“The agent was really GREAT..She knows her stuff. She was very patient with me and explained all my options. Thank you…” – Vincent Leone 12/3/2015

“The application was easy to follow, and the gentleman that came out to see me at my job was very nice.” – Anna Jimenez 11/30/2015


“My account executive was so attentive to all my needs in converting my Term Life into a Universal Life Policy. He made my application so easy.” – Lorenzo Magana 11/25/2015

“5 stars! Accuquote has given me good rate for term life insurance, overall the experience is excellent. They kept me well informed during the application process by phone and email. They displayed professionalism in a true way. Thanks team AccuQuote!”– Narendra Parmar 11/24/2015

“My agent took the time to help my husband save money on his policy. He also identified a way to get me better coverage! We are grateful he helped us get better coverage and price.” Silvia Sanchez 11/24/2015

“I thought the experience was thorough but pleasant. Communication was easy and better than expected.” – David Hastings 11/23/2015

“Very good experience! They were very professional and very courteous with the way they dealt with my husband and I.” – Rhonda Rafacz 11/22/2015

“Highly satisfied with Service. Will recommend to all my friends.” – Vimala Ponnolu 11/20/2015

“Very professional…patiently and thoroughly answered all my questions. Because of their high quality service, I plan to continue the relationship with Accuquote for the long term. Thank you for all the help.” – Reff Cheng 11/19/2015


“Very helpful with all my health questions. A wrong diagnosis on a white blood count was stressful..but Accuquote corrected by ordering more blood tests. I was then approved very easily & quickly! Using the internet to sign is so much easier than the old school way. I called several times..My agent is the best guy ever to talk to!! He wasn’t at all stuffy, made me laugh at times..but still professional. A very pleasant experience working with this company, I only wish all companies were like this!!”Judy Morey 11/19/2015

“Outstanding!”Antonio de Barros 11/16/2015

“Customer service was great and the follow up was great. Always a pleasure working with the team.” – Matthew Frank 11/12/2015


“I give you guys 5 stars the services was excellent.” – Deanna Grandberry 11/11/2015

“Very professional and capable, and a pleasure to deal with.” – John Breisky 10/23/2015

“I am very pleased with my experience dealing with my Medicare plan and am very pleased how my agent took his time and explained every detail so that I would understand what I needed him to do for me. I really want to tell my other friends what a good experience and how easy he made it for me.” – Goldie Clark 5/6/2015


“My experience with AccuQuote goes back 10 years as they placed my existing policy at that time. As that policy is reaching its term they were back in touch in a timely manner. As before, each of their personnel with whom I had contact were personable, professional and highly competent. They have proven themselves to be a first-rate company.” – Tom Chapman 4/27/2015


“I recently went to AccuQuote to see if I could get a term life insurance to replace the policy at work so I would not lose coverage if I became unemployed. to my surprise, the same amount of coverage was quoted at half the annual cost. I recommend going to AccuQuote first for your insurance needs.” Christine DeThomas 4/25/2015

“Everyone I dealt with at Accuquote was very helpful in answering my questions, keeping me advised of the status of my application, and helping me get the amount of coverage that I wanted. It was overall a pleasant experience. Thank you.” – Joe Guerra 4/22/2015


“My experience with AccuQuote has been a great one. They took the time to search for the best quote for me and I feel very confident that they will come through for me. I will recommend this company to anyone who is in need of life Insurance.”Temun Francis 4/22/2015

“Satisfactory. Treated with respect and courtesy.”Graeme Abbott 4/22/2015

“The best at the job. Extremely professional and great to talk to as well.” – Isabel Bursk 4/21/2015


“Thank you for accommodating my unusual schedule and making the process simple.”Casper Huizenga 4/21/2015

“I would like to acknowledge the outstanding treatment I received from your exceptional Account Executive. He spent an extraordinary amount of time facilitating a policy for my situation. With a ten (10) being the high side, I would give him a 10 Plus. Thank You. A very happy customer, Mark Donner”Mark Donner 5/6/2015

“My husband and I were very pleased with the great service that we received. They helped us thru the LONG waiting of the underwriting process so that we didn’t feel like we had been forgotten. We definitely felt that we were in good hands!” – Hue Punzalan 5/4/2015


“Insurance is a pain! That being said, having the right people, in the right job is a godsend. I have been dealing with one company, then another in what is the smoothest quick change ever. My AccuQuote rep keeps me informed and up to date. She does everything to help, I only have to make the payments! Using AccuQuote was my smart decision.” – James Hietala 8/6/2015

“I appreciate the annual phone call with updates and reminders. 5 stars!” – Roger Vautour 8/24/2015


“Very informative and helpful and no pressure, a pleasure to do business with. thank you for the superior service.” – Malcolm Brown 9/14/2015

We have used AccuQuote for our life insurance policies for many years, and we have found this company to be professional, courteous, and helpful.” – Johnny Richardson 9/23/2015


“My experience with Accuquote can be summed up in two words ‘FLAWLESS SERVICE!!'” – Judith Bowden

“Made this process easier, more understandable, very professional staff and products.”  Dale Stith

“My experience with Accuquote was friendly, courteous and easy. It is a pleasure doing business with you.”  Joseph Perez


“The entire process, from start to finish, was handled in a very professional manner. The representatives were determined without being pushy and overbearing. To top it off, my premiums ended up being lower than my quote. Well done AccuQuote!”  Roger Doddy

“I was very impressed by the staff and the frequent updates during the underwriting process. Excellent customer service.”  Bryce Cropper

“Far above the service I expected. They held my hand through every step and always kept me informed. A pleasure!”  Erin Pittman


“AccuQuote was phenomenal. They were there to help us every step of the way. I never expected the process to go so smooth and couldn’t have asked for more. Anytime I had a question, if they missed my call, they would call right back. They consistently contacted us and provided us with information before we even had a chance to ask. Thank you AccuQuote!”  Kristen Balikes

“I was very happy with every aspect of my experience with AccuQuote. I will definitely recommend AccuQuote to my friends and family.”  Thomas Hopken

“You are the most professional company I have had the pleasure to deal with in a very long time. I would strongly recommend you.”  Joanne Lucero


“This was a great experience. The agent was so knowledgeable, responsive and did exactly what they said. They followed up and made sure I was kept informed. I would recommend AccuQuote.”  Paul Fritz

“The people at AccuQuote were really helpful and informative. They made getting life insurance easy!”  Isreal Peterson

“This is the fourth policy that I have setup through AccuQuote and every time it’s so easy and convenient that I enjoy the process. For something that brings peace of mind to you and your family, AccuQuote makes it extremely easy.” Steven Garrett


“AccuQuote was really thorough and helpful in giving me the information I needed about the different life insurance policies. I appreciated their patience and friendly demeanor. AccuQuote is an excellent company.”  John Daniels

“Doing business with AccuQuote was easy, painless and fast!  I was informed about my options- provided quick and informative responses to my questions.  In my opinion this is the ONLY company and way to buy insurance.”  Anthony Renzi

“All the representatives who worked on my account are fabulous. They did everything, which made the facilitation of the process effortless and thoughtless for me. They even put those little ‘sign here’ sticky flags which helped tremendously!”  Matthew Ficco


“Great experience.”  Brenda Banks

“This was by far the easiest, most user-friendly experience I’ve had related to insurance in a very long time. Great service!”  David Wright

“Excellent service and an outstanding experience! Great customer service in all respects. It made my transition from switching from my old insurance company a smooth and easy one. I highly recommend AccuQuote to all my family and friends!”  Richard Chun


“We chose AccuQuote based on reviews from Money Magazine. The online quoting went smoothly and we were pleasantly surprised by the relatively low cost to increase our insurance coverage by a factor of four. The follow up with AQ staff was very helpful and every step since then has been smooth. AQ made it very easy for my wife and I to get the coverage we need to protect the security of our family. Thanks to the entire staff!”  Scott Storz

“Responsive, informative, caring. I couldn’t ask for more.”  Steven Mandel

“Very polite, professional, and personable (the 3 things I look and listen for in every person in customer service.” – Kelly Lentz

“Just perfect. The only one place you need for all your insurance needs. I highly recommend AccuQuote to all my friends and family. Thanks!”Francesc Borrull

“Excellent communication and great service. Very personalized attention to detail for an important matter such as this.”Sibyl Simon

“Our overall experience was absolutely fantastic. The agent was so very kind, informative, and polite. He explained the plan very well and made sure we understood. Would recommend him highly.” – Charles Leverett

“At this stage – I don’t want to ever think of life needing life insurance. But an unfortunate incident occurred in the life of a close friend that made me realize that this is something to pursue. AccuQuote was recommended through Consumer Reports and was a great service that priced different insurance companies and priced out different scenarios and options. I can’t say enough about how great the agent was in making me comfortable in this whole process and his diligent customer service and follow up.”Lori Fitzpatrick

“Thanks for being very responsive and patient!”Ashish Singh

“It was overall a very good experience with AccuQuote. Helpful, informative, accommodating, and made my application seamless. Very commendable.” – Edgar Reyes

“I believe I received the best price for the service I was looking for. The process was easy and all of the people I worked with were great.”Paul Fellers

“My experience was great with AccuQuote.” Tyesha Thomas


“The experience was good and I appreciate the time that my agent took to explain the conversion provisions to me. He found the most competitive option available.” – Cheryl Laughar

“I originally had a 20 year term policy obtained thru AccuQuote. When this policy was about to expire, I called AccuQuote for assistance. I talked to an agent, who has helped me through the whole process. His expertise has been so helpful. He was so thorough, patient and answered all of my concerns. I give him five stars and highly recommend him to anyone in need of all the products that AccuQuote has to offer.” – Frank Klimala 

“Everyone was very helpful, and knowledgeable. Someone was always available to help and answer questions. You delivered for me what you had advertised.” – Noel Owens


“We had a great experience. I would recommend AccuQuote to anyone looking for life insurance.”  Andrew Elia

“AccuQuote has helped our family to strategically plan our insurance coverage to meet our family needs. Our agent was a great partner in explaining what was being requested, its implications, and keeping us on track.” – Greg Keefer

“My agent did a very fine job helping me obtain the best possible insurance to fit my need and my pocketbook. His performance in explaining the plan was very clear and understandable, and I thank him very much.” – Jack Miles

“Helpful, attentive, clear on how everything worked.” – Dean Pajevic

“He was very personable, knowledgable, and helpful. I felt comfortable talking with him.” – Cheryl Stern

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