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term life insurance

What Kind of Life Insurance Policy is Best for Me?

Chalkboard Displaying Life Insurance 101 in large letters

By Byron Udell | June 25, 2018

Keeping It Simple When you boil it down, there are really only two kinds of life insurance policies. One type of life insurance policy offers only temporary coverage is usually sold as Term Life Insurance. The other offers permanent coverage, which is designed to last a lifetime and is typically sold as Whole Life or Universal…

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Purchase of Genworth Financial Approved

By Byron Udell | June 22, 2018

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), an agency that oversees the ramifications of foreign investments in the U.S., has recently approved the acquisition of U.S. insurance giant, Genworth Financial. In an effort to strengthen Genworth’s financial position, plans to be acquired by China Oceanwide Holding Group Company Ltd. will move forward. Final…

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Should I Buy Term Life Insurance and Invest the Difference?

What do I need to know about buying life insurance?

By Byron Udell | February 28, 2018

“Should I buy term life insurance and invest the difference?” Good question. Many financial experts advocate this investment strategy. But is it a good idea? We’ll give you the facts and let YOU decide. There’s more to buying life insurance than meets the eye. [Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published on April 3, 2017….

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At Thanksgiving, Let’s Talk Turkey About Life Insurance

Want some great thanksgiving recipes?

By Byron Udell | November 13, 2017

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for the good things in life. It’s a time to share best wishes and thanks with family and friends. But do you know what’s another great way to show your family that you’re truly thankful? Bring home life insurance! Thanksgiving is a special time of year. Traditionally, friends…

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Survivorship Life Insurance Can Help Protect Your Estate

Buying Survivorship Life Insurance can be a good idea.

By Byron Udell | July 26, 2017

Have you thought about what will happen to your estate’s assets after you and your spouse are gone? Buying Survivorship Life Insurance can help you preserve your estate for your kids. As that old expression goes: “Nobody lives forever.” But about your estate? Have you thought about what will happen to your assets after you…

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Why Aren’t Americans Buying Life Insurance?

Why aren't Americans buying life insurance?

By Byron Udell | July 12, 2017

Believe it or not, most Americans are either underinsured or don’t have any life insurance at all. Why aren’t they buying life insurance? There are several reasons for this. To find out more, read on. A recent article revealed that many Americans don’t own life insurance. According to the survey (in which 1,001 U.S. adults…

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Life Insurance – Why Millennials Are Not Into You

Learn more about Millennial life insurance options.

By Byron Udell | July 12, 2017

Studies show that Millennials are presently not saving enough for retirement. This could be a huge problem down the road. But there is a relatively inexpensive way to start to give your family the financial protection they need – life insurance. Learn more about millennial life insurance options. Let’s face it. Millennials have a lot…

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What Happens to Your Personal Debts After Death?

Know how to file a life insurance claim?

By Byron Udell | May 22, 2017

The average American is carrying a personal level debt load of nearly $62,000. What do you think happens to YOUR personal debts after death? Good question. Did you know that most Americans die in the red? In other words, most people who leave this world exit it with a pretty hefty heap of debt. According…

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How Should I Spend My Tax Refund?

Should I pay for my life insurance by credit card?

By Byron Udell | April 14, 2015

Thinking about what to do with that tax refund? Here’s a nifty idea: Get life insurance. Here’s 4 good reasons why. For many people, tax refund time is kind of like Christmas in the spring – only you don’t have to hang all the decorations!  When you get an extra check in the mail, it’s…

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A Term Life Insurance Secret You May Not Know About

Do you know the amount of your policy's death benefits?

By Byron Udell | June 18, 2014

Term Conversion – Converting your Term Life Insurance Converting your term life insurance to a permanent policy can help you win the game of life insurance. Learn more about policy term conversion options. Term life Insurance policies generally contain an option known as convertibility.  Assuming your policy includes this term conversion feature and has not…

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