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Buying Life Insurance: Wait or Buy Now?

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By Selene Garcia | January 14, 2019

Understanding the best time to buy life insurance is sometimes half the battle! The question to wait or buy now is a common one. And, the truth is when buying life insurance, carriers consider your mortality when determining how much you will pay. Also remember, we don’t typically get healthier as we age, so it stands…

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[VIDEO] Overpaying for Your Life Insurance?

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By Byron Udell | August 20, 2018

How would you know if you were overpaying for life insurance coverage? I mean really, it’s not like someone will call ya up and tell you. So, the first step in taking control of your life insurance begins with watching this 6-minute video. You never know how much 6 minutes might save you…just sayin’. Sit…

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How to Save Big Money on Your Life Insurance Premiums

How to start saving money on life insurance premiums.

By Byron Udell | May 30, 2017

Want to start saving money on life insurance premiums? Pay annually. To find out why, read on. [Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published on February 15, 2010. The content has been slightly updated.] Most insurance companies offer you the right to choose from among four payment plan options to pay your life insurance premiums:…

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3 Easy Ways to Lower Life Insurance Premiums

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By Byron Udell | July 30, 2016

Think life insurance rates are too high? Follow these tips to lower life insurance premiums. Get healthy! It’s the easiest way to get significant reductions in life insurance premiums, but perhaps the hardest.  What lifestyle changes can you make in order to get cheaper life insurance premiums? For starters, quit smoking if you currently smoke. Smoker…

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