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Jason Sherman – You Need to Be Prepared

Jason Sherman lost his beloved wife in a tragic car accident.

By Byron Udell | March 13, 2016

Jason Sherman lost his wife in a tragic car accident. When the kids were young, his wife, Nicole, urged Jason to get more life insurance. That life insurance was godsend after Nicole’s death. For more, read on.

Jason and Nicole Sherman had the perfect marriage. They had two great kids. Jason had a super sales job and Nicole ran her own in-home daycare. Things couldn’t better. Until they weren’t.

On a cold, dark night, Jason and Nicole were driving home on a pitch-black stretch of highway, when suddenly, two cars whizzed by them at top speed, and within seconds, both racers spun out and crashed. Jason, who had EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) training, got out of his car to offer assistance, with Nicole close behind.

Once Jason determined that the two drivers were going to be fine, he sent Nicole back to their car. That’s when tragedy struck. An unsuspecting driver accidentally hit Nicole as she crossed the highway, killing her instantly.

When a loved one dies so suddenly, the survivors suffer immeasurable loss. Everything changes. Certainty is replaced with uncertainty…times ten. Besides the emotional upheaval, there are new financial pressures that rear their ugly head. The loss of Nicole’s income, plus the newfound responsibility of providing for and raising two daughters alone was not something Jason ever saw coming.

Luckily, when the kids were young, Jason decided that the family needed more life insurance. Since they both worked, Jason increased his coverage and Nicole got a policy as well. Even though money was tight, Nicole wanted her husband and kids to be protected in case something happened to her.

Nicole’s life insurance was a godsend. Not only did the extra cash help keep their finances stable and let Jason spend more time with his family, but it also provided something else. “It gave me time,” says Jason. “You really have no idea when life is going to change.”

To hear more of Jason Sherman and his family’s story, watch this video. Video courtesy of Life Happens (www.lifehappens.org).

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