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Your Vote Can Send a Kid to College

By McKenzy Bowers | September 23, 2016

Help AccuQuote send a deserving student off to college. We don’t need money. We just need your vote for the Life Lessons Scholarship Program.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. It’s September – the official start of autumn. The leaves change color. Schools are back in session. Football season begins. But, most important, September is Life Insurance Awareness Month!

At AccuQuote, we think every day is a great opportunity to make people aware of the importance of purchasing affordable life insurance.

We’re very passionate about helping people get the coverage they need, and the financial protection and security that life insurance provides.

That’s why we’re so proud to be working with Life Happens, to help the next generation of adults get off on the right foot. The Life Lessons Scholarship Program sponsors college-bound kids…whose lives have been severely impacted by the death of one or both parents…and provides badly-needed scholarship funds to help them complete their higher education goals.

We’ve already sponsored one inspiring student, Zach Kern. Zach is currently attending Purdue University. Congrats, Zach.

Zach Kern – 2016 Life Lessons Scholarship Recipient

Now we’d like YOU to help US sponsor another deserving candidate. All we ask is that you take a few minutes to review the inspirational stories of five very determined young adults. And their stories of triumphing over adversity are truly amazing.

VOTE NOW to Send a Kid to College

Take Jessica, whose father took his own life when she was only 13 years old. She had to become a responsible adult practically overnight. Or Katrena, who lost her dad to cancer when she was just a child, and was herself diagnosed with leukemia at age 12. Still cancer-free five years later, she’s looking at her future with inspiring optimism. Then there’s Kenneth, who at age 17, became the chief breadwinner since he lost his mom to a brain tumor and his father became incapacitated with heart disease. And Kristina, who lost her mom to breast cancer, and left the family burdened with hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid medical bills. But her dogged determination is truly uplifting. And finally, we have Rachael, who lost her mom to cancer and her father to suicide. She hopes to become a family therapist and help people overcome the types of adversity that she herself experienced firsthand.

VOTE NOW to Send a Kid to College

All five candidates are working diligently to pursue their dreams of higher education. All five have persevered over near impossible odds. The odds were made even longer, in part, because all five families had either very little life insurance…or no coverage at all.

The beauty of life insurance is that it turns pennies into dollars when your family needs it most. You can use the money to pay the mortgage…pay bills…and even pay for college.

I promise you that these five stories WILL move you.

Simply click on the button below.

VOTE NOW to Send a Kid to College

Did you know that HALF of all American households DON’T have any life insurance? People just like our five Life Lessons Scholarship applicants. Just listen to a portion of their stories:

JESSICA: “Being only thirteen years old, I did not understand the necessity of life insurance. The towering debt kept my family from mourning. My mom went to work, and my sister and I grew up overnight.”

KATRENA: “Receiving this scholarship will open the financial possibility to use my father’s passing and my personal battle with cancer to help others and pursue my dreams.”

KENNETH: “From that point forward (referring to his mom’s death), I was an adult and in order to fulfill my promise, I had to take on extra responsibilities to provide for myself and my family, as well as financially prepare for my future plans to attend college.”

KRISTINA: “Seems no one thinks they need life insurance until they’re old.”

RACHAEL: “The loss of my parents and the lack of life insurance have left me unable to pursue my college education with the ease of many millennials my own age.”

I sincerely hope you participate in worthwhile effort. We DON’T want your money. We just need a few minutes of your time. That’s all.

Again, just click on the button below.

VOTE NOW to Send a Kid to College

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