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Tips for Having a Spooky (and Safe) Halloween

Group of candle lit Halloween pumpkins in park on fall evening

By McKenzy Bowers | October 10, 2017

Halloween’s almost upon us. To ensure that your child has a spooky (yet safe) Halloween, we’ve come up with a few sensible suggestions for a worry-free fright night to keep you and your family safe. Read more about some super Halloween safety tips.

Welcome all witches, warlocks, monsters, demons, ghouls, goblins, vampires, and all other assorted creepy creatures that congregate in your neighborhood every Halloween, like clockwork.

Yes, Halloween can be a fun-filled experience for your whole family. But like any other family-fun activity, some advanced planning can make the outing even more enjoyable. I mean, you wouldn’t go on a camping trip without the right equipment, would you? Here’s some items that could come in handy on Fright Night:

• Goodies bag
• Band-Aids
• Bottled water
• House keys
• Cell phone (with GPS capability, in case of emergency)
• Flashlight (with fresh batteries)

Since a lot of parents trick-of-treat with their kids after the sun goes down, some additional after-dark safety precautions might prove prudent. Here are some sensible tips for a safe Halloween:

1) Pre-plan your trick-or-treat route: Stay on the neighborhood pathways that your kids are used to. Only use sidewalks and avoid alleyways. Obey traffic laws and only cross at crosswalks. Map out a route before you leave the house…and stick to it.

2) Wear comfortable footwear: You’ll be doing a fair amount of walking. Make sure your shoes are comfy.

3) Wear reflective clothing: Make yourselves as visible as possible to other pedestrians and drivers. Apply reflective tape to your kid’s costume.

4) Keep costumes short: Keep your kid’s costume from dragging on the sidewalk, to avoid slips and falls.

5) Avoid pointy props: If your kid wants to dress up like a pirate, make sure the swashbuckling sword is not sharp, and is made of soft rubber or plastic. Trick-or-treating shouldn’t land anyone in the emergency room.

6) Check your child’s goody bag for bad candy: Throw out any of your kid’s candy that’s not in its original wrapper. Just as a precaution.

We hope we haven’t scared you too much with these sensible suggestions. We just want you to have a fun-filled, worry-free Halloween. Save a spare jawbreaker for us.

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