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Slimming Down for Summer – A User’s Guide

Think of the benefits of owning life insurance.

By McKenzy Bowers | May 12, 2017

Summer is almost here. Are YOU ready? If not, we have some super suggestions for slimming down and eating healthy. And being healthy can save you money on life insurance.

The first day of summer begins on June 21st. So fire up the grill…wax down that surfboard…slather on the sunscreen…and gather the family for a well-deserved road trip, near or far. And while you’re at it, pull out those festive Hawaiian t-shirts, short shorts and swimwear…and get your summertime freak-on!

If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably gained a few pounds during the long winter months. But if you want to be able to zip up those shorts without doing the herky-jerky, and if you want to look ab-fab (even if your abs aren’t 100 percent fab presently) for the summer, here’s a few things you can do to shed some extra pounds fast:

1. Switch out candy bars with cantaloupe (pick your fruit): Instead of noshing on Snickers mini-bites, try snacking on a piece of fruit.

2. Portion control: Try to eat smaller portions. You know that expression: “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.” It’s true. For most of us, consuming more than 2,000 calories a day is not a healthy lifestyle plan. Here are three suggestions: 1) use smaller plates so you won’t eat so much (it sounds silly, but it works), 2) don’t frequent buffets (do I need to explain this?), and 3) instead of eating a 2 or 3 meals, plan 3 to 5 smaller meals (it’ll stops the grumbles and help with portion control).

3. Create a plan: Be conscious of what food you put in your mouth. Planning your meals ahead of time can keep you from impulse eating (hey, every good plan needs a roadmap to keep you on course).

4. Keep yourself hydrated: Staying hydrated tends to keep your appetite in check. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of fluids a day.

5. Eat more fiber: Grains with high fiber will fill you up, but not add calories, like white breads and pastas.

6. Exercise: Get off the couch. Put down the remote. Get your hand out of the queso dip…and get out there and burn some calories!

If you start controlling your food intake and burn off some calories on daily basis…you can lose weight and feel better. Who says there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues?

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