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Got Your Game Face On? Fall Football is Here!

By McKenzy Bowers | September 8, 2017

Autumn is the official start of football season. But it’s not the only game out there. To find out more, grab that pigskin and get ready to play.

The fall is almost officially upon us. The leaves are starting to turn all those memorable shades of amber. The air has a crisper bite. In short, Autumn is awesome.

September is a big month for sports, as we all know. To recap, the road to the World Series starts to narrow. The NBA season hits the court in mid-October. And the NFL will start its 98th season the first week of September. Football season will end in Minneapolis, MN on February 4, 2018, with Super Bowl LII.

By most measurements, football is the most popular sport in America. And the Super Bowl is traditionally one of the most watched sporting events in the world. In addition, the interest in fantasy football has grown by leaps and bound over the past decades.

Yes, Americans love their football. And as the most football coaches will tell you..being well prepared is the key to victory on the gridiron. According to a recent article, there are 3 key elements to being prepared to have a winning team.

1) Prepare well – Run down every possible offensive and defensive move. Short yardage runs, defensive options in the red zone, third down conversions, etc. Study your team’s history, and past moves and strategies. In short, know your own team’s capabilities, backwards and forwards.

2) Focus on each player’s performance – Remember, football is a team sport. Map out each player’s role on the field of battle. You’ve got 22 players in each down, but they must perform as ONE. That’s no easy feat. To keep all your players on the same page, down after down takes skill, discipline and expert execution.

3) Study your competition – Learn all you can about your competition’s moves on the field. Watch and identify areas of strengths and weaknesses of your opponent. The more you know about your competition’s character, the more you can develop your own strategies for success.

These elements are important to winning the game of football. Coincidently, these qualities are also important to winning the game of life insurance.

That’s right. To save money on your life insurance you need an expert, battle-ready team on your side. If you are planning on buying a policy, it makes sense to talk to a company that is 1) well prepared (agents who know their stuff), 2) customer-centric (agents who strive to save each customer a boatload of cash), and 3) knowledgeable (a company that knows all the insurance products in the marketplace, not just a select few).

For over 30 years, AccuQuote has been helping people save big money on their life insurance. Our fierce independence means you’ll get the best values in life insurance. We only represent the top-rated, brand-name life insurance companies that you know and trust.

And we play to win. Before you buy life insurance, talk to us. We’d love to help you kick-off your fall (and football season) with some winning coverage for you and your family.

We only work with highly rated insurance companies – brand names you trust. You may be able to save money without sacrificing quality and strength.