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[VIDEO] Life Insurance Coverage and Heart Issues

heart painted on a wooden fence

By Selene Garcia | November 1, 2018

Any kind of heart issue can be scary. The ol’ticker is what keeps you alive – what’s not scary about it? But sometimes, what’s more frightening is that your family might not be able to pay the mortgage or rent, fill the fridge or pay the utilities. So before you brush-off life insurance as something…

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Can Breast Cancer Survivors Get Life Insurance?

Breast cancer awareness month card or background.

By Byron Udell | September 12, 2018

Never be ashamed of a scar. It simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you. You’re a fighter! You’re a survivor! So, hang out with Howard Weissman, AccuQuote’s Medical Underwriting Expert, for a couple minutes and learn more about how you might be able to get life insurance – even if you’ve had…

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[VIDEO] Why Are the Wealthy Buying so Much Life Insurance?

wealthy home with woman sitting on front steps

By Byron Udell | August 30, 2018

What could you possibly not know that they do!? Theoretically the wealthy don’t need it, right? Turns out, they’re the biggest buyers of life insurance. The wealthy have clearly nailed math. Get in with the money-makers and learn how to math with Byron – the right way. Here’s a question I get asked all the time:…

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[VIDEO] Is Life Insurance Coverage Possible with Sleep Apnea?

CPAP machine man sleeping with mask on

By Byron Udell | August 27, 2018

Whether you suffer from sleep apnea or are a suffering partner – you’re all too familiar with how this disorder plays out. Aside from the snoring, eye-luggage, and morning headache, there are other complications that arise from sleep apnea. As a matter of fact, the Mayo Clinic says complications from sleep apnea can include high…

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[VIDEO] Marijuana and Life Insurance

marijuana bud

By Byron Udell | August 22, 2018

Just because you’re high, doesn’t mean your life insurance rates have to be. Believe it or not, a lot of life insurance companies will still insure you if you use marijuana – medicinally or recreationally. Here’s what you have to remember, put it on your application. One more time, be honest on your life insurance…

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[VIDEO] Overpaying for Your Life Insurance?

piggy bank with family hands and change compress

By Byron Udell | August 20, 2018

How would you know if you were overpaying for life insurance coverage? I mean really, it’s not like someone will call ya up and tell you. So, the first step in taking control of your life insurance begins with watching this 6-minute video. You never know how much 6 minutes might save you…just sayin’. Sit…

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[VIDEO] Life Insurance Coverage and Mental Illness

mental illness sad young man looking through the window

By Byron Udell | June 28, 2018

At some point in your life, you might experience a temporary battle with your mental health. However, for some, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADD, ADHD  are part of everyday life with mental illness. Learning to manage your condition can be challenging, but with the help of modern medicine, talk therapy, exercise and healthy eating you can…

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[VIDEO] Is Life Insurance Coverage with Asthma Possible?

Young female hiking in Utah taking a puff of her inhaler

By Byron Udell | June 27, 2018

Do you have your inhaler? Did you take your preventative today? Did you take your allergy meds? These are questions asthmatics have to ask themselves before leaving home for the day. The disease is not only frustrating, but leaves one wondering – what will my family do if this disease wins? How will they survive?…

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What Kind of Life Insurance Policy is Best for Me?

Pensive young woman reading book on sofa at home

By Byron Udell | June 25, 2018

Keeping It Simple When you boil it down, there are really only two kinds of life insurance policies. One type of life insurance policy offers only temporary coverage is usually sold as Term Life Insurance. The other offers permanent coverage, which is designed to last a lifetime and is typically sold as Whole Life or Universal…

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Can You Get Life Insurance With High Blood Pressure?

Mature group of people doing breathing exercise

By Byron Udell | March 7, 2018

Can your hypertension prevent you from purchasing affordable life insurance? If left untreated, high blood pressure can lead to serious health conditions. But what if your hypertension is under control? Can you still get life insurance with high blood pressure? High blood pressure (hypertension) is a problem for many Americans. According to the Centers for…

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