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Money Saving Tips

7 Life Insurance Mistakes That Could Cost You Big Time

By Byron Udell | October 29, 2015

Think you have to be a brainiac to buy life insurance? Not really. But it does help to know a few facts. Here are 7 life insurance mistakes to avoid. How well do you understand life insurance? I’m sure you understand the basic premise: if you have it, your family gets money when you die….

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Life Insurance Exam Tips That Could Save You Thousands

By Byron Udell | May 8, 2015

Many life insurance policies require a medical exam. If you want to save money on your coverage, here’s a few things you can do to prepare for it. You probably know that your health is an important factor life insurance companies use to decide how much to charge you for coverage.  The healthier you are,…

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3 Strategies to Help You Save Money on Your Taxes

By Byron Udell | January 8, 2015

Tax time (April 15th) is still a few months away, but it’ll roll around before you know it.  And while it might seem early for tax talk, is there ever a bad time to save money on your taxes? Did you know that smart planning at the beginning of the year (aka NOW!) can lead to…

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You May Get Lower Life Insurance Rates if You Get Healthy

By Byron Udell | March 12, 2014

You might be able to lower your life insurance premiums with just a few lifestyle changes. To learn more, read on. Your health is directly linked to the life insurance premiums you’ll pay.  What most people don’t know, however, is that if you decide to make certain lifestyle changes and it results in a lower…

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6 Factors That May Raise Your Life Insurance Rates

By Byron Udell | March 3, 2014

What are the factors that raise life insurance rates? Here’s 6 items at the top of the list. Insurance costs vary and depend on a number of factors.  Age, sex, medical history, profession, and location are a few examples of the factors that go into calculating insurance premiums. Taking precautions and cutting out bad habits or…

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Healthy Habits Equal Lower Life Insurance Premiums

By Byron Udell | February 18, 2014

The healthier you are, the lower your life insurance rates can be. To learn how to live a healthier lifestyle and also save money on your policy, read on. A lot of people invest in term life insurance because its affordable.  It’s the most affordable form of life insurance and a great way to make…

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Not-So-Secret Factors That Affect Your Life Insurance Rates

By Byron Udell | December 31, 2013

Have you ever wondered why insurers boost your insurance rates? What exact personal information do insurance companies look for and say, here’s a risk, this person is likely to make a claim, so let’s increase his/her insurance premiums to compensate our potential losses. You could save some money by making a few changes to qualify…

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Smoking Sends Your Life Insurance Premiums Sky High

By Byron Udell | April 18, 2012

Think smoking is cool? You know what’s NOT cool? Paying sky-high smokers rates for life insurance. Although movies make smoking look really cool – and let’s be honest, it makes gangsters look pretty intimidating – the habit is nothing but a disaster. Not only does it literally suck the years out of your life, you…

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How to Save Big Money on Your Life Insurance Premiums

By Byron Udell | February 15, 2010

Want to save the most money on your life insurance premiums? Pay annually. To find out why, read on. Most insurance companies offer you the right to choose from among four payment plan options to pay your life insurance premiums:  once a year (annually), twice a year (semi-annually), four times a year (quarterly), or twelve…

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